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Afterwards editing and closing 'gaps'

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Hi ,


Is there a way to close a gap after removing and replacing clips ?


My problem is that the whole line of clips begin to shift while other tracks don't .

Other (second) problem that probably will arise in the future is the gap being to small for the new clips. So the other question would be, how to increase the gap or shift everything equally to the right?


Thanks !!!


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If you have a gap in the timeline from whatever reason...,,clip deletion or placing a clip at the cursor etc. All you need for  is to do is to zoom to enlarge the gap so you can right click it easily without the cursor getting in the way and then choosing "Close gap in the Track" from the menu. This will delete the gap and reassemble the track. If you feel this isn't working correctly switch into Storyboard mode. Any gaps in the main track will show up as empty "slides" with an arrow depicting the gap and its duration. (you can now see even very small gaps). Right click the blank "slides" and select "Close Gap" Note :This only works on the main track.

If you have several tracks and want to keep an upper track in position relative to the main track and you want to close a gap in the main track without losing the upper track's position. Use "Close gap in Sequence" instead of "Close gap in Track" This will close the gap in the main track and shift that track as well as the overlay tracks along. The actual position of the gap relative to the overlay track may be important here so you may have to give it a try and see.

If you have a gap that is too small to fit the new clip just use Sequence Preview and use the II< control to shift the cursor line to the clip edge at the start of the gap. Now select the new clip in the clip bin and use the down arrow to the right of the Place tab to select  "Place on sequence at the Cursor" The clip will now be inserted in the gap and the clip/s to right will be shoved along. The gap will also remain after the new clip so remove it now as outlined above. (Probably with "Close Gap in Sequence" if there are overlays.)



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1 hour ago, borate said:

Unless every track in the sequence has a gap, Close Gap In Sequence won't be available.  Close Gap on track will.

Hi Borate

Gaps in tracks are a bit of a nightmare. I tend to delete them individually. As you correctly point out all the tracks must have a gap for the Close Gap in Sequence  option to be available.........but it must be the same gap. i.e. created  in all the clips together. If the clips all have gaps but they are in different places only the top option is active. I am pretty sure my suggestion higher up will work so as to keep a synched overlay track in place when a main track gap is closed. I'll have another look..might be wrong.........Can you remind me how to link two or more tracks together as that might offer an easy solution?:unsure:  .......but then, perhaps not.:(


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Tried the selection option, but using >|| doesnt move this selection to the next clip.

Tried to select multiple tracks to group them but unfortunately that didnt work for me to.

Created a picture and dragged that one to every track using the snapping mode so it aligns. When all tracks (left and right) have the 'same' gap it use Remove Gap on every track.

Hopefully there is a much easier way ;)

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