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Synced soundtrack audio track stops playing midway through song


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I have a 22 minute video filled with several hundred photos/videos of my daughter that I'm preparing for her first birthday party on Saturday. I've added several songs to it and they all stop randomly in the middle of the song before the track is supposed to end. So my sequence goes from having synced audio to having no sound playing at all other than the videos. I have tried using different mp3 files of the same song and that has not worked. I have also tried reordering the songs and they seem to all stop, though some of them stop sooner and some of them earlier. One 4 minute song stops at the 2:30 mark, so I tried moving the next song up to 2:30, but then it stops at 1:45. Very frustrating. 

Anyone have a similar experience? Is there a fix to this that doesn't require starting over? At this point I'd rather have no sound at all than have to start over. Thanks for your help. 

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Don't recall seeing this behavior described.  Upgrade to the latest VP version, if not already in use.

Also, press the CLEAR UNUSED CACHE FILES button that's in OPTIONS, under the Disc tab.

If no joy, please click FILE|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT and upload to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like and link here.  Zip the file, as the production is lengthy.

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You don't say if this is after export or during preview..Anyway...

Presuming you have saved your project..If not then  "Save Portable Project As"  (where all your files are saved into folder of your choosing along with the,vpj file)

Open VP and navigate to this folder and then load one of the problematic music/song files. Drop it onto the audio track and check that it loads and converts  completely and has the expected duration on the timeline and then play it. Does it play correctly?

If it looks and behaves correctly then close VP, reopen it and load the project (,vpj) file saved above. Now check the same music file on the audio track. Is it all there and does it play correctly when you preview your video?





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