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Audio file processing in Videopad


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I have an 82.5meg audio mp3 file & Videopad has been 'processing' it for 2 hours and still going. There is no 'Bar' to show how much is completed. I also tried the same file as a WAV.


My computer is an Intel Quad-Processor w/ 16.0 GB RAM @ 2.40 ghz.

Using Videopad Professional 4.48.


Please advise. Thanks!

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Is the issue happening only with that one audio file or does it happen to all the audio files you try to load? If the issue is only happening with that one file then there may be something wrong with the file. Confirm it plays fine on any other media player like Windows Media player or Wavepad. In case the file plays fine on the other players you may want to try saving the file to a different folder and with a different name and try loading it again. If you wish you may install Wavepad Audio editor from this link http://www.nch.com.au/components/wpsetup.exe and try saving the file as mp3 using that program. In case the issues remain you may want to contact NCH software support team for further assistance.

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