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On Monitoring Tab - No blocking url


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I want to know how to block properly url, I use on reporting Prohibited URLs but not work well.


I want to block Youtube and I put this: www.youtube.com,https://www.youtube.com/*,youtube.com/*,https://www.youtube.com,https://www.youtube.com/* but searching on google Youtube and entering from there, it not block.


Please, let me know how to do well.



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From the Prohibited url list, you can enter the URL's, for instance: www.google.com.au,,www.youtube.com (use a comma to separate the addresses).

This configuration applies to all employees, by default, but can be changed at User Details section. For more information see the help article >




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Hi Telephony,

We already tried that. FlexiServer is simply NOT enforcing the rule. ALL users are able to access prohibited urls without any limitation. Also, we checked all users details one by one just in case, and the "Allow Normally Prohibited Programs for this User" are UNchecked. 

This is our current prohibited urls rule:


That feature is the main reason why we bought this software, and it is not working.

Please help.

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