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  1. Hi Telephony, We already tried that. FlexiServer is simply NOT enforcing the rule. ALL users are able to access prohibited urls without any limitation. Also, we checked all users details one by one just in case, and the "Allow Normally Prohibited Programs for this User" are UNchecked. This is our current prohibited urls rule: www.wish.com,mail.google.com,mail.yahoo.com,youtube.com,youtube.com/*,gmail.google.com,www.facebook.com,www.fb.com,fb.com,facebook.com,snapchat.com,gmail.com,www.gmail.com,mail.gmail.com,mail*,*mail,www.amazon.com,amazon.com,ebay.com,www.ebay.com,jcp.com That feature is the main reason why we bought this software, and it is not working. Please help.
  2. Hi. We just bought a license and installed Flexiserver/Flexistation. We are having trouble configuring CAPTIONS. There are no examples or clear explanations regarding what the "Show window caption on a user-by-user basis. Can somebody explain or provide examples? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I am having the same issue. Entering the urls in the Prohibited URLs doesn't block all instances. Can somebody post the correct procedure, with examples? Thank you.
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    Hi Natalie I had the exact same problems some time ago with the real estate property example. NCH said it was a hardware(modem) problem. So they recommended a CallURL card. We bought a 4 line CallURL card. Still have the same problems. NCH did tried to solve the problem with no luck. Definitely, the solution is not the CallURL card. Maybe other will do the job... or maybe a software upgrade. Good Luck.
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