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How to change the background color?

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I have the same issue as HoosierKidsTV and am wondering: how do I pad out the images to the target frame size? - I can pad the images using photo editing software but could someone tell me: what is the frame size as it still applies a black border where necessary? Or is there another way to alter the background colour used?


Thanks in advance



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This works for me. 

  1. On the Clips tab, choose ADD BLANK.   
  2. choose the color that you want for the blank
  3. add the blank to your time line in the track for video overlays,
  4. Right click to move that track down.  You  need to repeat this step until it is below all others.
  5. Resize the blank chip the full length of the time line.
  6. That will be your new background color.  It will show up only in areas of transparency that otherwise videopad would fill with black.

At this link you can see where I used a light green as the background color for only one of the five checked sequences in a video that I have prepared on lynching.  It's the one that shows my grandfather standing in front of his bank and its employees.    The frame "family clusters" shows as checkerboard the transparent area on both sides of a  photo.  When exported as video, that transparent area appears as black.  It too could be changed as I describe above.   



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On 5/3/2019 at 4:42 AM, shock2k5 said:

I want my background to be transparent. I'm making a transition for my Twitch stream and I want the video to not start off covering my entire stream with a black block, followed by my transition. Any ideas on this?

I want to do exactly the same, I want to make a stinger for OBS transition, yet everytime the background of the video is black, which makes it impossible to use.

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