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Missing Subtitles Button from Tool Bar


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So I'm trying to add subtitles to a video, and can't find a way to do it. I look up the tutorials on line and they say to simply hit the subtitles button on the toolbar, but it isn't there. I've found listings and images suggesting that there should be a "Subtitles" button on the toolbar between "Narrate" and "Preview" but it just isn't there.


Is there a simple way to add this to the toolbar? Or another way to acces the subtitles dialoge box?

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The subtitles button should be, as you say, on the toolbar between the "Narrate" and "Preview buttons"

What version of VP are you using. (Look bottom left of the window)...should be V2.41



It says it is version 2.09


I can't imagine why it seems so out of date, we ordered it through the mail and installed it just in the last couple of weeks here.

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Ah, we filed a feedback notice that we were having troubles and got a response that the version had bugs and there was a version 2.41. We downloaded it and re-installed it, and it looks like that added the Subtitles button and a couple of other functions we couldn't find.


So hopefully that will cover it.


Thanks, it was helpful just to have someone to say what version we should be up to.

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