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This may well have an obvious answer. I'm new (see previous post) and have not been able to work out how to move clips. Dragging doesn't seem to be the way to do it. I find that each clip I move from Files to Clip is placed in front of the earlier clip.

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Assuming you have loaded your clips to the media list, you can set VP options to prompt you where a clip is to be placed. Start, cursor position, or end. (or indeed, to ask you). It would seem you have it set set to "Start of sequence"


In VP click the "Options" tab followed by the "Other" tab.

Select your requirments regarding "Add new clip to the following position" using the drop down menu arrow. "Ask me"

is probably best for a start.


Note you can drag and drop the clip directly from the media list to any point on the sequence line. There is no real need to select it first and reply to the options prompt. When you have dragged your new clip to the sequence line look for the pink arrows mantioned below.


Once you have clips on the sequence line you can move one by right clicking it to select it and then dragging it in the required direction along the sequence until you see a pink arrow appear. This is seen when you have arrived between two previous clips. If you release your dragged clip when this pink arrow is seen, your clip will be inserted at the arrowed junction.


If you switch into Storyboard mode then its easier to see each clip as they appear as simple thumbnails. Just grab and drag the thumbnail (or the media list clip) you want to move and drop it over the pink arrow when it appears in the place you want.


These methods simply insert your clip BETWEEN other clips. But by placing the cursor line at the point on the sequence where you want your new clip inserted (timeline mode is best) you have to select the clip from the media list and then choose to "Add files to sequence" followed by "Cursor position" VP will then split the sequence line clip, and insert your selected clip at that point.


In a similar way you could also split your sequence line clip, so creating two clips and then dragging dropping your new clip along to the split where a new pink arrow will appear.



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