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  1. I thank you for the further explanation, but is it clear to you that a huge series of steps and attempts are needed to obtain a banal result? When two clicks are enough to obtain the same result with other software? This is what I struggle to understand about this whole discussion: Am I stupid because I want a banal result with little effort without going crazy with settings, filters, crops and scale? Then if the answer is "For us it is right that you take an hour of tests and attempts to get a banality" we are fine. Thank you, have a nice day Matteo
  2. Hi First of all I want to thank you for the support, I appreciate it very much and it's a good signal for those who buy a product. It's correct. 25-25-25-25 are wrong, 25% 25% 75% 75% are correct First point. As long as we talk about a crop in the center it is very simple. If we apply a more realistic crop it becomes much more complex Starting from this sample: https://ibb.co/bR2vZgb If I want to apply this crop: https://ibb.co/TmKz4nX It's not easy to zoom without adding black bars or lose areas. And again: What will be the final pixel size with this crop? We ca
  3. Hi C_major Yes of course and is easy if the crop percentage are exaclty 25-25-75-75. But when the crop area is very custom it's impossibile to obtain a good result. You must choose between black bands or low resolution tradeoff. And is crazy for a commercial software when free sw like avidemux do this very easily. Matteo
  4. Thank you for your support Matteo
  5. Hi Borate Is possible to scalate this issue to the developer team? I think it's a I product problem, not a feature. Adding fantastic filters and processing and not being able to export a clipped video seems like a big product mistake. -"It is a fantastic car, full of options and quality. Great comfort, low consumption and a dashboard full of buttons and lights" -"Can I open all four doors simultaneously?" -"No." Matteo
  6. Hi Your result is a resized/downsampled 960x540 video (I see the complete picture), not a cropped video of 960x540 pixels (the center), I think. To better explain this is the result I would like with your example: https://ibb.co/fdy2LcV Matteo
  7. Hi The first observation I make is that the crop shows only percentage values so knowing exactly how many pixels it will become is not so simple. At the moment to know it I export the file and use Avidemux which has a crop autodetect filter. Is there a better way? Anyway your result is correct. But it isn't the requested result I give an example to be clearer. If I load a picture into MSPAINT.exe and do "CROP", the save generates an image with the cut size, not the original one with the black bands. I want the same thing: a video of the cut size. I don't want black bands, I do
  8. Hi I understand your point of view but I don't want to upscale or black bands If my video is 1920x1080 and I crop 25% 25% 25% 25% I want a video half the width and half the height so 960x540. If I crop off some margin I want a smaller picture size video It's possible to obtain that? At the moment If I process a 1080x1920 video applying texts and cropping details I force VideoPad to produce a 1080x1920 video (with stratch, hoping he doesn't do anything since the geometry is identical) and then I crop the resulting video with AviDemux. And it's crazy because ever
  9. Hi I'm using VideoPad 7.34 I found many post on this forum abount cropping issues, black bands and so on but I have not found a solution. My purpose is very simple: I want to crop a video (applying a crop rectangle static filter) and then export the video with that new size. I don't want to upscale, downscale, zoom, scretch to aspect, adapt to 16:9 or optimazing it for youtube. When I apply a crop filter the "Auto match content" feature always detect the original size and not the new cropped size. It's possible to reach this goal without use another processing to
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