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  1. Yes. But why dont you use search feature of this forum???
  2. Noted.. thanks. I would work with slow one. 🙂 Using Beta 8.0 now.. better, many bug fixed.
  3. All you have to do is press command + Y (I Use Mac) and it will prompt for Payment dialogue.. just press okay and you are all done. You can change payment method, amount, date etc if needed.
  4. I couldn't gather up enough courage to move the data from back end on my live machine. I hope someone from NCH team can do experiment and update it here. so we can do manual archiving at least. They can always declare it as "UN OFFICIAL, No Warranty given". Josh, What you think? Can you help?
  5. May be they wanted to say "Description"?? You can modify invoice template from Preference - Invoice
  6. Please that is very important feature.. without that web access is useless. I hope you understand. And release notes are useless. They are not telling, what is new, what is fixed etc etc. Version 7.34 macOS Release Uploaded 2019-12-17 Version 7.33 Android Release Uploaded 2019-12-17 Version 7.32 Android Release Uploaded 2019-12-12 Version 7.31 Android Release Uploaded 2019-12-03
  7. Hi, I updated my Express Invoice version to 7.34 with the hopes that some bugs are fixed, PDF File creation is very important as how can we see our invoices if it is generating Corrupt pdf files? Is there any change log, which tells what is new in this version?
  8. Too many problems. I would suggest not to upgrade to Catalina yet. I am saying because I already have updated. a) Too many problems with Catalina itself b) Express invoice many existing working features are broken and they are too slow to fix anything. Don't think we will have fixes anytime soon. So "NOT RECOMMENDED" but choice is always yours. 🙂
  9. Dont think there is any standard way. But may be you can play with it by setting Top/Bottom and Left/Right margins.
  10. In Express invoice. I don't think you can record any of your expenses. May be try Express Accounts. Not sure if that supports it or not. But read it from https://www.nchsoftware.com/accounting/index.html Hope it helps. Thanks.
  11. Luckily 64 Bit is out.. But there are so many problems in 64 Bit. Unfortunately there is no way out. You have to live with it now. Web access works but its useless in new version as Employees generate invoice but they can't save PDF file to send it to customer as files generated are corrupted in new version. Many more problem. But welcome to the club.
  12. Just go to Invoice -- Apply Payment.
  13. Can you please let me know when it can be fixed? I already reported as a bug report as well. That is very important.
  14. Josh, Can I MOVE my old invoices in to separate folder? Is it safe to do? so actually archiving them manually at some other location? Can you please advice as it is live system and don't want to end up in loosing something. I appreciate your help.
  15. Our Express invoices for mac is too slow, specially in web version. Is it possible to Archive old invoices? so they are still available for us to view and not deleted but they are not loaded everytime we access software
  16. Hi, Very high CPU and Memory usage by expressinvoiceagent in Mac 64Bit. Version 7.28
  17. It does not save our preference of sort my invoices as per Date or Invoice number. It just keep on resetting it back to Ascending order on Date. Mean I get older invoices on top and latest ones are at the bottom of the page. Once again, it was working fine in previous versions of MAC. Please fix. Thanks.
  18. I backup previous version and after installing new version restore the backup. All my invoice are back.. I still have to reconfigure many settings/ and invoice formats etc. So be careful for that.
  19. Thanks for 64 Bit update for MAC, If we save PDF file (Invoice/ Quote) In Web access version, when we save PDF file it does not work and file is shown as corrupted in Adobe Reader. It was working fine in previous version. We can still save files from Desktop version and they are saved fine and works fine. Can you please fix this ASAP. Thanks. 2) Although I backup and restore all files but new version still fails to keep the invoice format etc and we have to redesign the whole things and settings again. But that is done.. But just a feedback. 🙂
  20. Installed. Upgraded license as well. Hope all goes well. 🙂
  21. BRILLIANT. Good Job. Thanks. How can we upgrade safely?
  22. Which product you moved to? I need software so someone can access over internet as well. That is actually a good feature.
  23. Thanks. Will try that. Do you know does it have web version as well? Also did you find solution to migrate your existing data to that software?
  24. Okay. Thanks. I will play with it as well. I hope they give trial product.
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