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  1. I have sent several subjects none of them been replayed, the problem there is no customer service email so me as customer can communicate with the company. Now I am not using this program as there is no security levels been implemented in the program and any user can delete the hole data without a restrictions or audit report. As program I can give it 7 stars unfortunately security and level for restricting users from some actions is not there either to be a full control user or just a viewer which is not a proper in business security policies. thanks
  2. I don't think there is any Support from developers "unfortunately" Program without a support is waist of money
  3. How to contact the developers by email
  4. The Program is a great but these small important issues should be done as system without a strong security will create a losses to owners of shops if they are not all the time in the shop By the way I have reported this issue to the developers and I hope they do some updates to resolve this issue Thanks
  5. I noticed today that users can issue invoice and collect cash from customers and then keep the cash in their pocket and delete the invoice which totally unsecured no one should be allowed to delete invoices I have sent also message to developers as without strong security the program will be useless My both inventoria and express invoicing linked synchronized if invoice issued and paid the stock will be adjusted in inventoria but the sales guy keep the cash in his pocket and delete the invoice and because the invoice is deleted the stock in inventoria will be adjusted back to the o
  6. I have ticked the 2 custom fields one with year model the second with color how to use the field as it is not showing any where IN REPORTS while trying to use them to input the data please help with this issue if possible many thanks
  7. I tried but not showing in the csv box
  8. I notice when importing data from CSV file to Inventoria only will import from Item code to Sale Measure is ignored Any suggestions please ItemCode Description Category Location Quantity Cost Price Sales Price Measure
  9. when setup company I import data from my csv sheet to Inventoria it would be great if also export to csv format file if need to correct mistakes
  10. I am facing a problem with web accessing the program as my ISP keep changing the public IP daily and I tried using NO-IP fortunately did not worked is there a way to solve this problem as I am working from office and my computer running the Inventoria v7.04 is at home as no password protections is made and I am afraid some one access the software and play with my data. Please any one knows a way to use alternative to NO-IP to use cloud access Thanks
  11. system program without password in not secure any one can delete items or play with inventory
  12. only two options user or viewer need to give more or less to users for example user can delete the stock or change stock quantity without notice or alert to Administrator
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