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  1. I haven't updated to Catalina just because of Express invoice.. Can any one suggest any other software? where we can import Express invoice data? All I need is local data as I don't like to host it on some other company servers. Also bit of web access so we can check invoices by accessing our local computer.
  2. EKUK, Dont think NCH monitors this forum on regular basis so if you choose any other similar package.. please let me know as well. I will try the same. 🙂 I am using Express Invoice from past 3-4 years and it is good basic program but if they don't give any updates. which is the case of MAC Version, we need to think of something else.
  3. Future is of Mac, Any descent office you will find all macs, I would request Team to release up to date version for Mac's as well.
  4. Hi, Is it possible to display total number of QTY on invoice? Like we added 5 x Item A 3 x Item B and so on so it show 8 at the last line.
  5. Hi, anyone knows when Mac version update will come?? Last update in 2017, wheress windows version keep on updating (slow updates but at least updates)
  6. Yes but what a lovely thing to do is to help publicly and more people can be benefited instead of one to one help. Plus it will built better reputation if any member of staff can answer basic questions. It will save them hassle later on when people will be able to search themselves.
  7. Hi Richard, do you have sample CSV File, which we can use it as a template please?
  8. Think again. In UK you need to maintain 6 year of data. It is legal requirement. 🙂
  9. Lucky. I was thinking to update. I will hold my horses. Its working fine at the moment.
  10. Hi, Is there any way to automate invoices from ebay. We sell 10-15 items daily and we have to manually make invoices. I can always rely on Ebay invoices but as I am using Express Invoice Software so its better all of my invoices at the same place. Any option for that?
  11. I know I shouldn't be merging two topics. Can you please provide advice on Amount is been refunded via bank transfer but Express Invoice still shows it as due in account as it is unapplied to any of the invoice.
  12. Thanks Mate. Worked. It was important feature. ?
  13. Any update on it. We need to see which dates customer paid partial payment. please.
  14. Hi, Sometime our customer pay partial payments and we mark that partial payments for that invoice but There is no way to see which amounts we have marked. E.g Invoice is of 2000 and customer paid 2 x 200 and 2 x 300, Now we can see 1000 due but unable to see what payments we have marked (2x200 and 2x 300), Naturally it is keeping data somewhere so it is telling what is outstanding. :-)
  15. Yes, we are using web version of it. it works well. bit of functionality lacking but works out. :-)
  16. Can't delete credit note as need it for accounts purposes. Its mean I am changing accounts figures, which is not good. Best solution is like we can apply credit note to invoice. There should be a way to mark it as refunded as well. By this way amount is deducted from customer account and won't show as outstanding and all documents will remain in place as well. :-)
  17. Hi, When we issue credit note. it works fine and if we issue invoice to customer again. that credit note amount is shown there. which is perfect. But there is time when we actually have to refund to customer in bank but that Credit note still remain in system as available balance for that customer. How can we mark that credit note paid as well? Please any one? Thanks.
  18. I guess reinstall program. Otherwise more information like screenshot of problem is best to upload.
  19. Hi, Yes software have to be running. Another problem we face is when users can't access software then we have to disable web access and enable it again. I have to do this once or twice a day. :-)
  20. Although I qualify for everything and carry on running free version but I guess they need to make money as well. So I bought it. Thanks for your help.
  21. Can any body explain what are differences in free and paid versions? I have just started using free version. It is not the best product but still okay. If I buy, what additional features will I get?
  22. Can nch people modify this for us on additional charge etc?
  23. I am waiting to get answer from past 8-9 months. I am worried, if this is the support before sales. What will happen after we bought the software?
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