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  1. Hi Gavin. That is correct. It is used by Debut to record the sound generated by the system , e.g. by iTunes.
  2. Hi Marti. Is the flash disc an external USB flash drive? If yes is the drive formatted as FAT32? If yes then FAT32 formatted drives only allow files up to 4GB each. I suggest set the output recording file location in Debut to the computer's internal hard disk or SSD
  3. Thanks. My Macbook also runs Mojave although its GPU is Intel Iris Pro. Please also try setting the frame rate to Constant 30 and in the mp4 encoding settings check Maximum key frame interval and set to 30.
  4. Hi jfraze. I tried the uploaded original video in the latest v9.09 Mac release and the resulting mp4 files were good. Tried multiple times with lossless mode enabled and disabled. Does it only happen in mp4 format? How about using mov, flv, or avi? Please also try using H265 format in mp4 or mov format. What is the macOS version and model of your Mac? What is its GPU?
  5. What version of Big Sur are you using? This was a recognized problem in Big Sur for older versions of Debut Mac. Are you using the latest Debut version 6.62?
  6. Please try the beta version in https://www.nchsoftware.com/beta/vpmfreei.zip
  7. Thanks for reporting the signal 11 problem when closing. Please try the updated beta in https://www.nchsoftware.com/beta/debutmaci.zip which fixes this
  8. Does the freezing problem happen in webcam mode, or in screen mode with camera overlay ? This did not happen in the earlier v6.61 version ? Were you also able to record something in MP4 or MOV and then play in QuickTime ?
  9. Please try the beta version in https://www.nchsoftware.com/beta/debutmaci.zip
  10. Thanks. I can replicate the problem. Please try exporting to AVI or FLV formats in the mean time
  11. Can you please check if the files are using H264 or H265 compressor/format (QuickTime can check this using its inspector, Command - I shortcut)? Is the Big Sur Macbook with the ARM M1 or Intel processor? Is it possible to get a sample recording in mov or mp4 formats?
  12. What formats have you tried recording to? Did you also try downloading VLC and playing the videos there?
  13. Hi. Could you please provide more details about the problem? Thanks
  14. Hi John. You're correct that the 5K retina display of the Mac causes the "jerky" preview. Please try resizing the size of VideoPad's window to a smaller one then clear the cache in Preferences -> Disk then reload the project. For the export file size, please try selecting HD preset or 1080p resolution, video quality to High and Lossless Export to Off.
  15. Hi @rscharf. Please also try turning off lossless encoding in the mp4 Default Quality / Filesize settings
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