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  1. Hi John. You're correct that the 5K retina display of the Mac causes the "jerky" preview. Please try resizing the size of VideoPad's window to a smaller one then clear the cache in Preferences -> Disk then reload the project. For the export file size, please try selecting HD preset or 1080p resolution, video quality to High and Lossless Export to Off.
  2. Hi @rscharf. Please also try turning off lossless encoding in the mp4 Default Quality / Filesize settings
  3. Please also try turning off lossless encoding when exporting
  4. Hi DickT. I just sent you an email
  5. Hi Geno. If you're using a 5K iMac please try to reduce the size of VideoPad's window, then clear its cache then reload the clips.
  6. Hi jazznpepper . Does this problem happen even for a simple project (e.g. try a 1 minute movie and add a simple effect like Black&White) ? Please also try to change the MP4 encoding settings, Lossless Export to Off and Audio Channel Numbers to 2, as indicated in these screenshots. Please also try exporting to .MOV format.
  7. Hi Franco. Could you please send me the public link too? I handle the Mac version. Thanks
  8. You could use a simple USB webcam in VideoPad or Debut. For realtime recording and applying basic effects (text caption, current time, brightness/contrast/gamma, watermark), and video resizing then Debut is the better opton. For non-realtime recording you could just Airdrop your iPhone video to your Mac then do the edits in VideoPad
  9. Hi DBMusic. Please try the following when exporting. Click 'Default Quality / Filesize', then in the MP4 or MOV Encoding Settings dialog. Select 'Off (Re-encode Video)' for the 'Lossless Export' option. Then try exporting again.
  10. Hi. Is this for the Mac App Store version? If yes then you could try the version in https://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/index.html which has the scheduling feature enabled. Mac App Store versions don't have it due to sandboxing restrictions.
  11. Please try the beta version in https://www.nchsoftware.com/beta/vpmfreei.zip
  12. Please try the 7.33 beta version in https://www.nchsoftware.com/beta/vpmfreei.zip to see if it fixes the issues. Could you also list the export settings (e.g. format, encoder settings, resolution, etc) that you're using?
  13. Hi. Does it crash also when burning to a Bluray image file (.ISO file) and then burn the ISO file using the 'Write ISO' feature ? Could you also please try the 64-bit beta version in https://www.nchsoftware.com/beta/burnmaci.zip ?
  14. The following could lower the CPU consumption of Debut 1. In Encoder Settings change the video compressor to MPEG4 (from H264) and lower the quality/bitrate to Medium Quality 2. In Video Options lower the frame rate (e.g. to 10 or lower) 3. Resize Debut's window to the smallest possible size
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