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  1. Yeah, some of the videos are in better shape than others, but they're all pretty old by now.
  2. Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  3. Mac Mini running Mojave. 16 GB RAM, 2.3 GHz processor. I'm not sure what a GPU is but I'm guessing that's the video card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB. It's not the most powerful machine in the world, but it handles these files better than my 2-month old Windows machine. And please note it has shown no problems burning DVDs, just exporting to video file.
  4. Thanks for the effort. Just FYI at this point, HandBrake works, but it takes longer to convert the DVD than just to re-record from the tapes, or re-record from the edited DVD. Then it changes a 2.5 GB file into a 16 GB file in the process, so I then need to import it into VP and spend another hour and a half re-exporting from VP to get the file size back down to something reasonable. I'm probably better off just re-capturing. At least if I did a lot of editing I have the DVD to capture from (Maybe there's a way to get a smaller file from HandBrake without losing quality that I don't know
  5. I uploaded a folder to Google Drive. I included the processed file just for comparison, so you can see when and where the distortion begins and ends in this particular clip. (Right in the middle of the clip, no transitions or scene changes.) That may be useful information. I have my doubts the process is replicatable. If I re-do it now, just from this clip, it comes out differently. I suspect something is happening on my computer locally. As I'd said, I posted the question in the hopes that others have had similar issues, and maybe they might know what caused it, and know how they fixed i
  6. I don't think it would be practical to post the project file and all the original source files. Would it help just to post an effected section of an exported file, and the same section of the original file? I'm pretty sure the distortion happens randomly so I don't expect that if I export the same file via the same process that we'd end up with the same results each time. Like I said, I was hoping it might be a familiar issue with a known solution. I don't know if it will be much use to put you through any further effort on trouble-shooting this. Thanks for the offer. Is it worth posting
  7. I just purchased it a little earlier this year so I'd assume it is the most recent version. It's v 9.09 (Mac). Source files were mp4 files captured with Debut. Again, the source files have been fine. I play them through (repeatedly) as I edit, add bookmarks, etc. and would absolutely NOT have missed distortion to this degree. The one or two that I still have source files for show no distortion at all in the sections that are ruined in the exported projects. I could use Debut to capture the video from the DVD, but in that case I might as well go back to my original source tapes and start e
  8. It's set to auto-match resolution, but it hasn't anything to do with selected resolution: the video is fine on DVD, and fine through large portions of the project. Then it suddenly randomly goes bad for a while, and comes back, goes bad again, and so on. It would all be bad if I'd selected a low resolution. And this is WAY worse than a mere resolution issue. If it helps, I was using default settings for export: Compressor was H264, Video Quality/Bitrate was set to Default, Lossless Export was set to Auto Detect. I can trying upping those settings, but I certainly can't imagine that this is
  9. I'm suddenly noticing that quite a few of my mp4 files saved from VP have large regions of extreme pixel distortion. I'm not even sure how to describe it. Giant block-sized pixels, colors completely blown out or changed, enormous compression artifacts... the video is unrecognizable and unwatchable. (Is there a way to post a screen shot here?) So far I haven't found it in any of the DVDs I've burned from the same projects, but I haven't watched them all through end to end. I normally make a backup mp4 file to my PC so it can be watched directly from the computer (on the assumption that one d
  10. Yeah, I can erase the DVD on my PC. I hadn't discovered that, even on the Mac, VP asks you to overwrite the data if you put in a DVD-RW. As far as the menu... I found that (after burning with the Basic (List) menu) my DVD player does display a menu after burning it with bookmarks... but they don't do anything. The opening menu comes up with no chapters showing. When I hit Play, though, rather than starting to play, it then brings me to the list of chapters. But if I choose a chapter, any chapter, it always and only starts playing from the very beginning of the video. Worse, it no longer a
  11. Hmm. No such thing as a Tools menu on my Sylvania player. I can't find any option to jump to any chapter. As far as testing on a DVD-RW, it appears that VideoPad finalizes the disk when exporting to DVD, so it can't be used again anyway. Is there a way to prevent that? Any way to divide the video up into 25 separate files w/o manually exporting one clip at a time?
  12. What I'm looking for is a menu with the individual bookmarks listed. So I can jump straight to that bookmark or "chapter" directly from the menu. When I attempt the Basic List option it only lists the name of the entire video. The bookmarks are there when I export... you can click through the video one chapter at a time while playing it from the start. But they don't show up in the menu, and there's no way to play the video starting at any selected chapter. Is that the expected behavior? That's why I thought I would need to divide the single file into 25 separate files, so each one would
  13. I don't seem to have an "ADD MENU (list)" option per se. When I go to burn the disk to DVD, I have the option to add a menu, and when I do I get a choice of templates, one of which is called "Basic (List)." Is that what you were referring to? Or am I missing a menu item or dialog somewhere? The problem with the Basic (List) menu is that it doesn't use chapters to make the list. It adds each individual file as a separate menu item. Which is why I'd wanted to split my 4.5 hour video into 25 independent segments. Maybe there's a difference because I have the Mac version of VideoPad? Maybe
  14. I'm not sure what MPC-BE is. The intent is to be able to play the DVD in a DVD player, on our TV. Will this method create a menu that functions in a standard DVD player?
  15. I'm able to work with and export the file as mp4, but so far haven't attempted to burn to disk. I suspect I may need to split to two DVDs but want to master chapters first. I'll try the ADD MENU (list) option. I thought I'd tried that on an earlier project and it didn't do what I'd wanted, but I can't remember what went wrong. I'll have another go. Thanks.
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