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  1. Great !!!! works, well, now what i do with new license version 7 ? NCH can answer me ??? i have just upgrade from 6 to 7 !!!! Tks DannR
  2. Nop, neither registration software i can do, validating registrations details, please wait......... and nothing happens.
  3. Screen record, i will try and return asap. many tks
  4. Hi. any action that i need to do, i got this message a box popped up saying 'waiting for playback to finish', even for register a product, i have version 7 and running on bigsur(11.2.2). A cancel button not work.
  5. 11.1 Big Sur 6.25 Debut I will update to 6.62
  6. I'm running on Big Sur, when i record my screen i lose my colors, my mac is macbook pro 16' retina display, the color records from screen are different.
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