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  1. Hi Chris75, is it useful at all for filling in the contact form? I think someone has already requested for this feature since 2013, and still, nothing is done. Is supplier credit note not a practice in the country where this software is developed? http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/20060-supplier-credit-note/
  2. Stox , don't bother asking, no one will answer.
  3. so many months has passed, and still no one from the developer side is coming forward to help. So disappointing.
  4. I totally agree with Kevin. I'm not an accountant though. Lacking this feature would pose a real problem when generating the subsequent year's balance sheet IMO. I have been using EA for almost 2 years and I think I'm gonna face this problem by end of this year. Looking at other accounting software soon if the developer is not feeling that this feature is important. My friend who is helping me with my accounts is urging me to change accounting software asap.
  5. I would like to have the manual too. How to obtain one copy?
  6. Seems like no one is willing to share their experience. Is there anyone that can enlighten me how to do a refund / credit for payment that has been paid/applied? Scenario Issued an invoice of $100 Customer made payment Payment applied in EA Customer request for full refund In Express Account, you cannot apply credit note to paid invoices. Is there a proper procedure to do follow? Thank you to anyone in advanced for helps
  7. Mac ver In Preference | Other On the right side, "Payment Methods" add a comma and enter your payment method. Windows ver Click on Options icon | Payments On the right side, "Payment Methods" add a comma and enter your payment method. Hope it helps and its what you are looking for.
  8. Hello all, I would like to ask if anyone is facing this problem as me or could someone point out to me if I'm doing the wrong procedure. I recently sold some items to a customer, got their payment and banked in their cheque, applied payment on the invoice. 2 days later, customer called up and wanted to return few items and requested for a refund. I tried to credit a credit note with reference to the applied invoice, removed items that are not returned. Committed the credit note. All seems fine, under Net Asset, it showed the correct amount deducted. For example, before the credit note was raised, I have in the net asset shown as $2000.00 and Checking account shown as $2300.00. The credit note amount is $20, it's shown as $1980.00 after creating the credit note. However, the Checking Account is remained unchanged. Shouldn't this $20 be deducted from Checking Account too? Am I missing some important procedure?
  9. Thank you Chris75. Sincerely hope this can be sorted out. Otherwise I'll have to always export journal and use excel to double check.
  10. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone of you encountered this issue with Express Account. When I enter a supplier's account payable entry, it automatically calculate the VAT/GST amount. In some cases, supplier do not charge VAT/GST. If I accidentally commit the entry with VAT/GST which not supposed to, what I did was to return to the Account Payable (via Menu Purchases--> Account Payable) and edit that particular entry. However, I notice that the VAT/GST amount is still being captured in the journal entry. Is this a bug of the software or I have done the setup wrongly Hope someone can shed some lights. Thank you. Best Regards,
  11. Hi Tim, have you figure out how to get around with this ? I just received a CN from my supplier and I somehow use the method you use but I kept having an outstanding amount due to the supplier. :-(
  12. I am facing the problem also, hope the developer can shed a light on the work around.
  13. Dear NCH, when I was trying out version 4.x, I notice that when a new company is created, using the default chart of account, when adding new account in the "New Account Dialog", there are several standard default accounts to choose from, namely:- 1111 Cheque Account Asset 2410 GST Collected Liability 2420 GST Paid Liability Liability 2430 VAT Collected Liability 2440 VAT Paid Liability 1542 3998 4911 etc However, in version 5.x I notice that 2410,2420,2430,2440 are missing Is there a reason why these are missed out?
  14. Hello all, apologise if my question is stupid. Can someone guide me on the steps to add bank charges in Express Accounts? This bank charge is a service fee that bank charge for maintaining my business bank account. I'm not accountant trained, I'm a small business owner trying to do all my accounting for a start. Cheers. -Alan
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