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  1. Hi Stevie Did you find a solution for this, I too am having this exact problem. It is only selecting an account but when processing lots of orders it adds an extra click and select each time and I keep forgetting to do it until prompted! Tim
  2. Hi All I have been using Express for a few years now but I am now changing my business name and adding some services so I am in the process of setting up a new company file to accommodate it. My question is can I set up a discount per customer rather than individual line discounts on each invoice. I have certain customers who get a fixed discount across the board for certain products and it would be quicker for me to revert the discount to 0 on the few that do not apply. I previously had the same item stored more than once in the item list, once at full price and once with each discount already applied. I am hoping there is a cleaner way around this as I would like a tidier, more manageable item list this time! Hopefully someone can point me to an option I have missed or a simple workaround. Thanks Tim
  3. Hi All, New member, been using Express Accounts for a few months and getting my head round most things now. One thing I am having issues with is supplier credits. I can create an account payable with a negative value but how can I apply that against a bill from that supplier? I have been trying lots of ways today and still can't figure it out. I have a few suppliers now who show a 0 balance but in the accounts payable there are credits showing as unpaid an invoices showing as part paid which is frustrating. Can anyone point me in the right direction for applying the credits to the bills please Thanks Tim
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