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  1. Hi


    As you can simply repeatedly click on the keyframe line for any parameter at any point along the line and create a keyframe position (as many times as you require) you can pretty well create smooth curves, particularly as you can also drag them about to change the curve.





    Would these be any different from the point of view of how they play to spline curves? I'm not against the idea - smooth curves could be useful- :-)



    I don't want to spend like 4 hours calculating for perfect values to make those curves. I prefer the Ease InOut feature that I originally explained.

  2. I think animation keyframes should have an "Ease InOut" feature which defines what percent of the time the animation is accelerating and decelerating. For example, if I use the "Position" video effect, add a keyframe at the beginning of the clip with any value, and then I add another keyframe at the end of the clip with a different value, it will cause a jerky motion. So, with this new feature, I set the Ease InOut value to e.g. 20%, and the animation will quickly accelerate for 10% of the time at the start of the clip, move in a constant speed for 80% of the time, and decelerates the remaining 10% of the time at the end of the clip.

    If the Ease InOut value is 100%, the animation will always either accelerate or decelerate.


    What do you think?


    NOTE: I'm not talking about making curves!

  3. This problem is fixed in the upcoming version.


    We delayed the releasing (supposed to be last week) of the new version since there was another issue that has to be solved before the release.


    All known issues are fixed now and I hope it can pass the testing early this week.

    I can hardly wait for the new version, but I guess I have to be patient.

  4. Ah, that sounds like an okay workaround. Am I able to edit one sequence while in another? It just becomes annoying to switch at that point.


    Also, how do I move 100 clips from my current sequence to another sequence?

    Copy and paste.

  5. Every time I try to take a snapshot on HD 1080, the green dots on the bar start to lag, and then it gives me a BSOD for a second, restarting my computer. After the 3rd time this happened, I tried re-installing VideoPad, I tried deleting unused cache, uninstalling useless/unwanted programs, and it still doesn't work.


    I'm using the latest version on Windows XP.

  6. Before it used to be 1000%. I was expecting the future of VP to have an increased limit for those REALLY boring videos, but I was never expecting the limit to be reduced from 1000% to 800%.


    I know you can export the sped-up video and then increase the speed again, but nobody wants to waste a lot of time doing this. One single change of text is enough.

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