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  1. I've been experiencing this issue with VideoPad for quite a while now. Sometimes it happens that, at the point where the timeline has a clip edge, the whole rest of the exported video turns out to be a frozen frame that's either a black screen, or the frame that's represented in the clip edge. It's easy for me to notice when this is happening because of VideoPad exporting the video abnormally fast, and the file size turns out smaller than expected.

    I've once had this happen when at an edge, clip B was sped up; other times because there was a snapshot between two clips that are both a few hours long, and now I'm experiencing this when the in and out points are altered.

    It's an exporting glitch that just with miraculous workarounds it's able to get fixed, but it's such a time waster because I'm working with really long videos, and they take forever to export. I'm using v6.10, and it exports the frozen frame in the place of where the real video content should be. And also, there's no audio at all... actually, scratch that. There had been several times where the part with the frozen frame had no audio, but every one in a while it DOES have audio.

    I really hope this gets fixed in a later version...

  2. On 7/26/2018 at 3:46 AM, Nationalsolo said:


    " But then what if you want the video to rotate 20 degrees counterclockwise from 10 to 350, for example? There's no simple way to pull that off. "

    Not too difficult actually..?

    • Put image on timeline and use Motion effect to rotate it to your starting orientation.  Rotation = 10 deg
    • Add a Rotation effect and slide cursor to start of clip
    • Set rotation to 360 which effectively sets the image to its original orientation (10 deg)
    • Make keyframe
    • Slide cursor to end of clip
    • Subtract your desired rotation from 360 and enter the value obtained. (360 - 20 = 340 deg in this case)
    • Make keyframe
    • DONE

    Image will now rotate from +10 deg to -10 deg anti-clockwise.



    Nat  (PS....Is this link showing the vid?? )

    Doing that procedure with an image that covers the whole screen is gonna result in the corners getting cut off.

    And yes, it does show. :P

  3. So, when I load an audio clip onto VideoPad, the sound plays just fine. But once I place it anywhere in the sequence, upon preview the sound only plays in my left ear, and this issue carries on to the exported output file.

    Is there a solution to this, besides having to use recording software to capture the sound playing on both channels?

    Mind you, this doesn't happen with every kind of audio, but it's most common on .wav files.

  4. 2 hours ago, Nationalsolo said:

    Note: If you use the FX button on a clip, even if you have selected multiple clips or  multiple clips grouped, the effect only goes on that specific clip.


    This is precisely why I made my suggestion. It would be cool to have something more convenient than having to export the sequence twice. (The first time with the multiple clips w/o effects and the second time with the effects already applied from the first export)

  5. It would be cool if we could apply video or audio effects to an entire track, add polygon masks and adjust keyframes whenever possible, instead of just being able to apply effects to individual clips.

  6. It's been a while since I used the Shake effect for a video. I recently tried to use it on one of my projects, and it doesn't work right. Every time the effect window is loaded, it shows a different still of the clip moving around, but it doesn't shake whilst the video is playing (both preview & output).

    How long has this bug been present anyway? The last time I used the Shake effect was before I updated to 5.01.

    By the way, this bug only happens on images, and if their duration is under one second.

  7. I've seen web pages that change where some features are located due to a theme change. It would be a mess if that were to happen on VideoPad because it's like having to get used to the program all over again.

    I would only change the colors or style of the buttons when it comes to theme changes, but that's it.

  8. 17 hours ago, borate said:

    Unable to duplicate your results here, using 5.02.

    Tested a sequence with five clips, the last of which was an inserted sequence.  All clips had various transitions and effects applied.  Saved as SAVE PROJECT, SAVE AS PROJECT and PORTABLE project and in each instance there were no missing pieces when the VPJ was reloaded.


    To my knowledge, the bug only happens when you have a lot of clips, especially on the second video track.

  9. I too experienced missing clips in 5.02. Had to go back to 5.01 hoping this will get fixed.

    But then again, it said "Beta" in the top right corner. I should've had it coming.

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