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  1. If you are using Win Vista or later, the database is located under ProgramData folder.

    For example: C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\Copper


    Although possible, manually modifying these data is NOT recommended as it can result in undesirable consequences such as data corruption, crashing of Copper, or hard-drive catching fire ;-)

  2. You're welcome. I'm new to Express Accounts, so not sure about how it'd behave when an account is switched from Liability to Expense. But, if you have past entries for 'Sales tax paid 2' as Liability, I recommend do NOT delete or change anything with it. This may corrupt your balance-sheet and statements. Instead, I suggest create a new account, let's say, 'Sales tax paid 2B' as an Expense account in your charts of account, link it to a tax rate in Options, and experiment how it behaves with new transactions, and how it shows up in balance-sheet, journal and income statement. Please let me know how it goes. Thanks.

  3. In the 'tax rate' window above, 'Sales tax collected' pull-down-list contains all the 'Liability' accounts from your charts of accounts, and 'Sales tax paid' pull-down-list contains all the 'Expense' accounts from your charts of accounts. This is expected behavior. Sales tax collected should be a liability account because it's money that is actually owed to the taxing authority and is not money that belongs to the business. Sales tax paid is sort of expense when the business itself purchases something and pays tax on it.


    You may need to edit your 'chart of accounts' and list sales taxes paid as Expense accounts.

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