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  1. I agree that there isn't obvious 'creditor/supplier' statement or report in Ex-Accounts. I think there are ways around. You could do following to get the what you want from the 'View' menu.

    Purchase orders: You can select the desired supplier in the 'Supplier' pull-down-list or select the period from top toolbar.

    Accounts Payable: This shows how much you owe each supplier

    Journal: It has purchases and payments tab, where you could find desired information.

  2. I don't think emailing receipt feature is there in Copper.


    If you really really need it, I suggest install a pdf or xps document writer driver/software for your printer. It resembles a virtual printer device. Usually, most computers already have these. if not, you can easily install one from internet. When printing a receipt from Copper, select the pdf/xps document writer device in 'printer select' dialog. It'll save the pdf/xps document at the location you provide. Finally, send the receipt as an email attachment from your email client.

  3. 1. I am guessing, it marks as 'Overdue' up-until payment is applied to the invoice, as there is no specific due date for COD. You could simply turn off to not print overdue in Options.


    2. Under Options, go to Invoice Layout -> Style. Scroll down to 'Text Block positioning'. See if you have logo selected there in one of the pull-down-list, and click 'OK'.


    Hope this helps :)

  4. I don't think 'Recurring invoices' gets automatically recorded as Sales. You have to 'Run' selected recurring invoices from the list. Try this:


    - Go to 'Sales' tab

    - Click 'View' button, and select 'Recurring Invoices'.

    (You should see list of your recurring invoices.)

    - Select desired invoices from the list and click 'Run' button on top of the window.

  5. In Inventoria:

    -- Open the Options dialog, go to the Other tab, click on Advanced Settings;

    -- Check the box marked "Allow Express Invoice, Express Accounts or Copper to synchronize with Inventoria";

    -- For the Access Authentication Code, enter an alpha-numeric sequence that is not in use by another business in Inventoria.


    In Copper:

    -- Open the Options dialog, go to the 'Sync Apps' tab;

    -- Check the box marked "Synchronize this installation of Copper as a Client of Inventoria or Copper";

    -- Enter the 'Access Authentication Code' being used by the Link-Sync server in Inventoria;

    -- Enter the 'Address or IP address of the computer' on which the Inventoria app is running;

    -- Enter the 'port number' used by the Inventoria app;

    -- Enter a location name used for this business profile (alternatively, click the "Retrieve Locations" button and select the desired location name from the PDL).


    Note: Both programs need to be running for syncing to work.

  6. First activate 'Web Access' feature:

    - Go to Options -> 'Web Access' tab.

    - Click on the checkboxes.

    - Click OK


    Then, set up web accounts:

    - Go to Option -> 'Web accounts' tab.

    - Click 'Add' to create a new account

    - Enter details, make sure 'Account Enabled' checkbox is ticked, select Organization.

    - Click 'OK'


    Check if it is working:

    - From Reflect main window, click the 'Web' button on the top toolbar.

    - It should bring up a login page. (If not, restart Reflect).

    - Enter login details from the web account you created.

  7. Deleting the Copper .app file does not uninstall it properly. I am not familiar with Mac, but I guess there must be a Mac uninstaller that also removes a program's hidden data folder. Google 'Mac uninstaller' to find one. Then, uninstall Copper using the uninstaller. This should delete the Copper's password stored-folder. Please beware that, it possibly also deletes all previous items, transactions and everything related to the uninstalled app.

  8. - First, export your contacts from ACT in CSV format.

    - Run Reflect, go to 'Contact' tab, and click 'Import' button on toolbar.

    - Browser dialog should appear. Locate your exported file, and click 'Open'

    - 'Match CSV Fields' dialog should appear. Match 'Contact Fields' column entries to 'Matching Import Fields' entries.

    - Once matching is done on desired import fields, click 'OK'.

  9. What version of Copper are you using? Are you on MAC or Windows?


    On my Windows 7 machine with Copper version 1.22, I can import items easily. The "Copper Fields" column has 'Code, Description & Value' entries.

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