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  1. I suggest using the multiple business feature, one for the shop and the other for the activities. You can edit the different prefixes for each business in Options->Invoice->Invoice Numbering. To create a new business, click on the 'Multiple businesses' menu item under 'Invoice' menu.
  2. Try "Recalculate Customers' Balances" under Transactions menu item. It may help.
  3. As I posted on other post, after typing the degree value in the given box, click up/down arrow next to it. That should do the trick.
  4. I found a way around. After typing the percent in width or height box, click up/down arrow next to it. That should do the trick. You are right though. Re-sizing by percentage does not work as intended. I have submitted the bug report on NCH website.
  5. - Make sure your Web access is turned on in Options. - Try to log on from a different browser: Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. If it does not help Uninstall and Re-install Express Invoice. Turn on Web access and check if it works before restoring data. If nothing helps, contact 'Technical Support'.
  6. You could try putting it into opening balances. - On main window, click on 'View' -> 'Chart of Accounts'. - Double-click the account you want from the list, and change the 'Opening Balance' field.
  7. I noticed you have a hotel business. You have to deal with new customers on everyday basis. I don't think Express Invoice would help much for printing receipts with different payments, if you do not want to deal with statements. There is another free software called Copper ( http://www.nchsoftware.com/point-of-sale/index.html ), that lets print receipts with different payment methods on it. I think, it's a completely free software, without any trial periods. You can try it. I don't think, it keeps the record of customers though like ExpressInvoice.
  8. To my understanding, Items Sales Report contains totals for sold items only, i.e., without taxes, discounts applied to invoices or shipping costs (if the item's unit price does not already include tax). Invoices Report is sum of all invoices, so it includes taxes, discounts and shipping costs. Hope this helps!
  9. JPEGs are lossy format and not good for logos. If you have only a few color shades, GIF would be better. PNG-8 handles transparency well if you are looking to have it. Here's a good forum article on different formats: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2336522/png-vs-gif-vs-jpeg-when-best-to-use
  10. I just replied your other post. Is it possible to post your logo or send it to me in private message? I can look into it.
  11. Not sure, but my guess is, your logo might be large dimension or size. Try with smaller size logo like 100 X 100 pixels, or smaller. Also, try printing the smaller size from other applications. I don't think paid version of Express Invoice will solve the problem.
  12. "MAY" is correct, and is not misleading. That statement is in response to Aliva's query. If Aliva purchased the license less than 3 months ago, s/he WON'T have to re-purchase. Also, (re)purchase is not required if you switch to free version of Express Accounts.
  13. Hi, The recent version of ExpressInvoice (v4.12 for Windows) does total up the 'Tax/VAT' column in 'Invoices Report'.
  14. Option 1) Delete these invoices and create new ones with your desired numbers. This may not be feasible if you have a large number of items per invoice, or if you have many invoices that requires the number changes. Option 2) The latest Express Invoice version 4.13 allows to copy existing invoices to new ones with your desired invoice numbers. The feature can be accessed from 'Invoices List' window. After copying to new invoices, delete the old ones.
  15. You can change 'Quantity' column text to any custom text. - Go to 'Options' -> 'Invoice' -> 'Invoice Text' - Select 'Quantity Column Title' from the 'Invoice text items:' pull-down-list, and change the adjacent input box text to anything you like. - Click 'OK' to finish. Hope this helps
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