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  1. yes thats correct, a blank outbound server is the equivalent of specifying the 'use the default server' option. if you can register initially but not after a while, its probably a NAT/firewall issue - it just means that Axon is sending out register requests to the server but its not getting anything back. one option is to enable port forwarding to the Axon machine for UDP port 5060 , see if that makes any difference.
  2. for post #5 - are you sure Axon is listening on 5060 ? Can you see the logs saying anything in response to the phone's register attempt ?
  3. good to hear its working better ! your 3102 guide is very nice too ! i do need to clarify/correct a couple of things though: >> As your tutorial setup shows, the Axon External Line (FXO Line) is setup with the user ID as "user" and a blank password the tutorial doesn't say to make the password blank, it says to make the *server* blank. Step 2 of the NCH guide clarifies this. >> For example, the IP address in the Axon External Line "Server" name should be if the FXO (PSTN LINE) SIP port is set to 5072 if you keep the server blank in Axon you won't
  4. yea at this stage i have not got the caller ID thing sussed out yet, I can't figure out how to get the sipura to forward the ID information. but other than that its working nicely for me. but yeah like i said i'm going to update the guide, and if you feel it is ok i will incorporate elements of your guide into the NCH guide. who knows, i may find i went through some steps that i thought were obvious but weren't obvious to anyone else, which is why a lot of people are having problems.
  5. you can buy a sipura 3000/3102 box to connect your pstn phone to axon and then you can connect to skype through uplink and make calls that way. dont use a voice modem, they are unreliable. see: http://www.nch.com.au/hardware/fxo.html and see: http://www.nch.com.au/kb/10034.html
  6. while the sip protocol asks for contact ports, the reality is that the majority of voip providers / other vendors don't honour that and just send to the source port instead. the rationale is that whatever software / hardware has sent the packet is going to keep that source port open and will keep a mapping of that port active in its routing table so it knows how to handle any responses. based on our testing this principle works very well. if we relied on sending to the contact port instead, the reality is that many services would simply fail due to NAT routing / firewall issues. having sai
  7. one undocumented issue of the spa3102 (that makes it different from the spa3000) is that the sip ports used for the FXO and FXS *MUST* be different or else your FXO port simply will not work. by default those sip ports in the configuration are at 5060 which, if left untouched, will leave your FXO in a 'not working' state. change one of the FXO/FXS ports to 5061 and that should do the trick. on the spa3000 you can leave both those values at 5060 and it will work, the spa3102 will not let you get away with doing that. i had the exact same issue as you and it took me forever to work th
  8. the nch guide needs an update, we're addressing that currently. your guide is quite good, however your methodology is not the way we intended - while it does work of course, our idea is just a little simpler and is summarised like so: (this is very brief) - create an external line in axon with a nominated username/password and blank server field, set it to ring on a nominated group - enter those username/password details into the sipura's PSTN section User ID and Password fields - set the FXO dialing plan to forward to the line you configured in axon - [username]@[axon ip address] -
  9. we don't support that format sorry.
  10. hi, you seem to have the wrong product, and in fact you have the wrong company. We do not deal in graphics formats, we are an audio company. I have no idea how you converted png to jpg using Switch since I made the software and I definitely put no such feature in there.
  11. unfortunately no, since all we are doing is passing the conversion off to RealPlayer and monitoring the progress of the RealPlayer conversion.
  12. sorry, our products are only sold online. the result is that you get them significantly cheaper. products distributed in stores usually have a high degree of markup.
  13. we've only just implemented it so it will be in the next release. every individual format requires its own implementation for reading and writing tags, so the work is far from trivial.
  14. as opposed to where ? if its a usb-connected or e-sata drive its ok, if its from a CD then it will be a fraction slower. songs sitting locally on your hard drive is a generally better scenario.
  15. what version are you using ? the latest is 1.12 . see Help menu -> About in the software.
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