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  1. Hello, I am Zafar Jadoon from Pakistan. I configure my sipura 3102 perfectly with Axon 1.09 and its working properly to receiving and dailing out from my Axon. but I have a little problem that it give a error "503 temporarily service unavailable" I need help to find out this error any body who can help me and tell me the reason behind it. Kindly tell me any body who face the problem like this. when some body dial in on 207 extension which is connected on Sipura 3102 it received perfectly but when I try to dial out from Axon to any physical exchange number like 227, 219, or 333 mostly
  2. Hello, I am Zafar Jadoon from Pakistan. I configure sipura 3102 perfectly and able to dial on extensions 101, I can receive from pstn line to axon but when i try to connect pstn line it give me an error that "temporarily unavailable" and give me massege that the person you all calling is temporarily unavailable. 30 minutes before I try to connect pstn line which is also extension number 219 using my dial plan " if number start with 8 remove digit 1 and dial 219 using 8219 it was perfectly dialed on extension 219 but with the same setting now it give me an arror massege. kindly help me
  3. Hello, I am Zafar Jadoon from Pakistan. I am using Axon with X-Lite and Sipura 3102 without using Gateway (not using any service providers) with in a campus. I need to connect Axon to our physical exchange estensions. my Axon is working properly but when I try to connect my X-Lite to hard phone (physical exchange) it just give me a one ring and than disconnect. I dont need to connect out side the campus. I just need to connect my soft phone to physical phone extensions and physical extensions to soft phone through Axon. Any body who can help me out to this kindly send me the configuration
  4. Hello everybody, I am Zafar Jadoon from Pakistan, I am using sipura 3102 with AXON PBX, Axon is working properly in the campus but when I try to connect from soft phone to my physical exchange number it give me a busy tone after one tone. kindly any body who worked with this tell me about what is the problem. I am using above 400 to 700 extensions number in Axon and also have two physical exchanges one with 200 to 299 extensions and othe one with 300 to 399 extensions. now I want to connect my Axon soft phones to physical exchange of 300 to 399 extensions but when I try to connect, it
  5. Hello Everybody, I am living in Pakistaqn. I am new here, and need some help about Sipura 3102 to configure with Axon PBX on my local campus LAN. I want to use it with my campus phone exchange but I don't know how it is possible. currently I am using Axon PBX with X-Lite softphone and now I want to connect my current Axon PBX to my physical phone exchange. Kindly Tell me how can I do this. I have two phone exchange in campus but i want to connect only one phone exchange (extensions of exchange is 300 series)with Axon (extensions of Axon above 400 series) so if possible kindly te
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