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  1. hi.. i am using cisco ATA 186 and normal phones well axon setting on version 1.09 works fine but 1.20 does not work well i have confgure extension for ata, and i have also created external line also dial plan that is when number starts with 1 it should use dial on my external line but it says can't find any extension with that number.. i have also tried with express talk but same result is comming.. what is problem plz solve it.. same setting works perfectly fine for version 1.09 thanks abhi.
  2. Hi all, I am using cisco ATA 186, and phone, all my ata register to axon as extension and user dial that is outgoing calls. now i want to know how can i add conference feature that is caller call customer and then caller puts customer to hold and dial to third party and if party answer all three can talk i know nch has it conference server, using it how can i deploy this feature thanks in advance. thanks abhi.
  3. gr8 man u r just the best thanks for such a gr8 idea thanks abhi
  4. its does not that axon does not support g729 dear it does support well yes but if u have configure like that it should use only g729 than axon won't work thanks abhi
  5. other thing i suggested u is to make 10 different extensions and 10 different external lines and point every extension to one external line so one extension= one external line thanks abhi
  6. various reason 1. are u able to connect to axon machine, just check the connectivity, 2. just check that firewall is not blocking u from registering from axon 3. just check that extension u are using is correctly created in axon, check user name and password details 4. if above all things are correct then ur mobile registeration time is too be for axon also just check that what details are u feeling in basic config 1. username axon extension 2 password pass of extension 3. proxy server IP of axon server 4 stun server if u use NAT hope this help thanks abhi
  7. hi there, well u have created one axon extension that is ok but now u can define ur voipcheap account detail in external lines that should not be problem well u must also define dialing rule, that is for example if dial number starting with 1 should use exernal line 1 and so on... well u should also define in extension setting what outbound dialing plan its should use now it is better to create multiple extension as u can't select alternate external line so simple is to create 10 extension, just point each extension to one external line, it should be better instead of having one username and password as if funds in any line get over all ur costumer can't dial dear hope this helps thanks abhi.
  8. hi dear i have mailed u hope u r able to configure it if anyother help tell me thanks abhi
  9. just give me your email address i will send u the configuration page thanks abhi.
  10. 401 error means unauthorized to use this registrar well i will give u configuration page as soon as possible, dear it will take me one day to do that.. well i will asap thanks abhi
  11. I have used Cisco ATA 186 with Axon without any trouble for months, it works gr8, no problem, tell me what kind of problem are u facing dear... thanks abhi.
  12. abhiinfotech207


    dear i think its RTP port problem... Just change RTP port to some good value say 16000, its should solve the problem thanks abhi.
  13. yes also default setting in dial plan is to ring at extension so i missed dial plan stuff.. its simple in axon.... thanks. abhi.
  14. ok here is how i want it... 1. when call comes in how axon will detect it..? 2. When call comes in i can create group that call must be transfred to..... 3. if all agents are busy then he or she must wait for some agent to be free so that they can talk to them.. 4. if he is not able to talk to agents then there must be some recording utility that will ask for details and when it gives details it must be sotored. i want to know how does axon will detect incoming call... also i am new to DID number stuff so if anyone know how to configure DID number and what devices can i configure DID number plz let me know... thanks abhi.
  15. Hi all, I just want to setup Intrective Voice Response using Axon... I will be having one DID number on which call will come, on receiving call Defult message must be played and upon selecting some option user must have go to other voice respone also if user presses some number say 9 he must be able to speak to my employee and so they can help them.. what i am thing how to setup this using Axon??? any help.. plz reply thanks abhi
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