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    SIP and Axon

    I'll try to be as clear as possible and cross my fingures. I have a broadband connection (ADLS) coming into my home office. It goes through an ADSL modem into my wireless router which broadcasts my connection to my laptop and my two business partners machines. My business partners work from home from time-to-time. I have a single telephone line coming in. What I'm looking to do is have the telephone line connected to a PBX such that when someone calls, the computer answers and prompts for an extension. When the caller enters extension 111 (for instance) it should go to my soft phone on my latop. Etc for my other business partners. If one of my business partners is at home, I'd like his extension to connect to his VOIP phone at home. I'm going to be running the PBX off my latop (as All we have are laptops and I will be getting a new one for my own use). Therefore, I cannot install any cards into it. I have downloaded Axon and installed it along with express talk. Express talk keeps giving me an error "unable to find address on server" which I have a feeling is to do with SIP. Can someone explain to me why I need a SIP account... is there a way to get it so that I can dial the extension of one of my business partners in-house (say he's sitting right beside me) and it will call up his phone without a SIP account? Help is appreciated.
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