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  1. Hi, My next problem if anyone can help!!!! As the topic tytle, I've tried to download uplink but once downloaded I get the error "uplink skype2sip has crashed with an abnormal exception" The full error message is; uplink skype2sip has crashed with an abnormal exception. Would you be willing to complete a NCH Software Bug Reprt so our programmers can try to fix this? If so, please click Yes and then enter the field to tell us exactly what you were doing and that you received a "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" exception code. Anyone any idea what this means? Thanks St
  2. s15ste

    Axon and E65

    Thanks for both your help. Fixed the problem!!! Was using the settings provided by Axon in the extension tab i.e. computer name.domain name. Removed domain name and worked!!! Thanks again for your help Steven
  3. s15ste

    Axon and E65

    Hi. I've been looking around this forum and also numerous other places but no such look in finding any results! Can anyone help me, i've recently stated using Axon and i've also just received a nokia E65. The mobile phone has wifi capabilities and also interent phone via sip. What i am trying to do is setup the nokia e65 as an extension on the axon system but with no such look in getting it to regidter. Thanks in advance. Steven
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