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  1. youneeq

    IVM Bug

    It looks like this was somewhat fixed but now when you delete one or more messages from a mailbox an updated MWI header with the updated ratio of new to old messages is not sent. I'll try to submit another beg report I suppose.
  2. youneeq

    IVM Bug

    Hi Graig, so you are confirming the bug is fixed? If so, that's great. What version off IVM so I can check it out?
  3. youneeq

    IVM Bug

    Hi DJ, Looks like you guys took care of the "+" prefix bug in the latest IVM 5.03 beta. Thanks!. But! The MWI still does not work correctly in IVM 5.03. I've submitted a bug report for you guys explaining it. I'll post here for anyone else's benefit. IVM's SIP NOTIFY message logic is not consistent. When IP phone sends SUBSCRIBE message, IVM sends proper NOTIFY message including "Voice-Message: 1/0" header but if IVM receives a new voicemail it then sends a NOTIFY message but missing the "Voice-Message: 2/0" header. So the registered IP phone does not get updated with the total new message count from IVM. If the IP phone sends a SUBSCRIBE then IVM will properly send the updated "Voice-Message: 2/0" header. It should send this header all the time. Here's examples of working and non-working trace from IVM. After IP phone SUBSCRIBE is sent: 19:59:22 UDP Packet Sent to >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NOTIFY sip:101@;transport=udp SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport;branch=z9hG4bK193788 To: "phone"<sip:101@>;tag=bb0eff73 From: "phone"<sip:101@>;tag=21 Call-ID: NWMzNzIzM2QzODBiMjVjNmIwYjU0YWUxMDk1ZDE0Zjc. CSeq: 243 NOTIFY Max-Forwards: 20 User-Agent: NCH Software IVM Answering Attendant 5.03 Contact: <sip:199@> Event: message-summary Subscription-State: active Content-Type: application/simple-message-summary Content-Length: 80 Messages-Waiting: yes Message-Account: sip:101@ Voice-Message: 1/0 ---------------------------------------------------------------- After leaving new voicemail: 20:03:49 UDP Packet Sent to >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NOTIFY sip:101@;transport=udp SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport;branch=z9hG4bK203788 To: "phone"<sip:101@>;tag=bb0eff73 From: "phone"<sip:101@>;tag=21 Call-ID: NWMzNzIzM2QzODBiMjVjNmIwYjU0YWUxMDk1ZDE0Zjc. CSeq: 244 NOTIFY Max-Forwards: 20 User-Agent: NCH Software IVM Answering Attendant 5.03 Contact: <sip:199@> Event: message-summary Subscription-State: active Content-Type: application/simple-message-summary Content-Length: 80 Messages-Waiting: yes Message-Account: sip:101@ Missing this header ----> Voice-Message: 2/0
  4. youneeq

    IVM Bug

    Hi DJ, Did anyone confirm and/or fix the bug? I can't imagine it's a huge change in code. I'd really like to be able to block the phone spam. Thanks, youneeq
  5. youneeq

    IVM Bug

    Hi, Isubmitted a bug report recently and have heard nothing back, so I'm posting on here as well, also in case other ppl have run into the same issue... In IVM 4.11 (my version) and confirmed in the latest 5.02, when "Caller Blocking" is checked and "Block private or unknown numbers" is checked and a SIP call comes in with CID prefixed with +1 it always gets blocked. It's interpreting these numbers as private or unknown when it shouldn't be. Also, is IVM/Axon ever going to get MWI support? And an option to be able to playback voicemails in first in/first out order would be great. Thanks!
  6. I have this same problem. Looks like the virtual audio driver that Uplink installs does not work in RDP session.
  7. youneeq

    gmail support

    Yeah, I can't get this to work on IVM v4.11 either. I get "Encryption required for requested Email server. Please check your Email Settings." Whether you append the port number or not. NCH...?
  8. youneeq

    MagicJack to IVM

    IMW, I have magicJack (MJ), IVM, Axon, and IMS working together since about May '08. Works fine other than MJ's music on-hold (yes, they actually have MOH) overides IMS' MOH. And possibly hold/xfer is not always 100% reliable. Not sure if it's MJ or Axon/IVM. I've caught Axon communication bugs before. So to get around that I use VoiceStick 6/29/10 Edit: Now I use Voip.ms. You have to disable their MOH through their website interface so it doesn't overide yours. DID for inbound calls. Then IMS MOH works with VoiceStick and hold/xfer is 100%. MJ inbound/outbound works great otherwise. You must use the SIP credential and proxy tool(s) out there to get around the stupid user agent/nonce SIP registration measures they have put in place as of 06/09/09 I believe was the date they enabled it. magicJack, if you read this, please offer BYOD!
  9. I know it depends on if your VOIP provider supports it. I know Voicestick does. MagicJack does not.
  10. youneeq


    I had it working for about the last year until MagicJack (MJ) just implemented changes to their pbx servers as of June 9th. Now for the most part they are blocking anyone from using any IP PBX, etc. but their USB dongle. I'm hoping it's only a matter of time before hackers figure out just like the last few times. Also, MOH (music on hold) does not work with them; at least provided from your end. They have they're own which plays instead of yours when you put a call on hold. It's a loop of an instrumental version of Aerosmith's Dream On and a few other songs. I just got a Voicestick (VS) Next2Nothing (or whatever it was called) plan for my inbound callers and I use MJ for outbound. My MOH works with VS. Only problem with the VS inbound calls is Axon doesn't handle the SIP headers and drops the call when I go to answer my extension with my softphone. (At least as of Axon version 2.01)
  11. For me it turned out to be VoIP providers as far as I could tell. With Voicestick the inbound caller hears my MOH. With Magicjack they get silence or get to listen to Magicjack's hold music but not mine. That's actually why I have the Voicestick account so I can provide my own MOH. I think either some VoIP providers block it, don't support it, or are not compatible with Axon. Maybe I'll look at my SIP traces and see if I can find a difference/problem. I know right now there is a bug with Axon that NCH is working on that causes my transferred calls to get dropped when an inbound call comes in from one VoIP provider but not the other. Maybe you guys can post SIP trace logs and someone compare them and figure it out. (I'm no SIP pro, though) Just a thought.
  12. Hi nchaj, Thanks for the response. Just that alone helps. I understand it's not an agreement. I feel it's more a common courtesy especially with your paying customers. If you need any help testing let me know. I can also loan you the VOIP acct credentials for your internal testing if it helps move things along. I'll point out that your Express Talk product somehow ignores this Axon bug and suprisingly still answers the INVITE even with the missing end of the SIP address so there might be a small issue with the programming logic on that product too. Just letting you know. I await the fix. Regards, youneeq
  13. I also just sent an e-mail to nchaj.
  14. Hi, It's been 3 days since the bug report I submitted to NCH and 2 days since posting it on this forum. I have supported your company by purchasing over $400 USD of licensing (including Axon) and no response yet by e-mail, phone, or post on this forum. (I also checked my spam folder) This bug is causing all my inbound calls from Voicestick to route to VM because Axon is corrupting the original SIP address and my softphone CounterPath Bria can't answer. Do I need to dispute the charges with my credit card company and get my hard-earned money back from you guys? You can also reference a similar post about the Axon SIP address bug here: http://support.counterpath.com/viewtopic.p...3e9046c4b3a44eb I'll give it a few more days before I take the next step. Thanks for your time, youneeq
  15. Hi, Looks like Axon PBX is dropping the end part of the SIP address ";user=phone" and leaving off the final ">" See bolded SIP addresses below. 06:18:12 UDP Packet Sent to >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ACK sip: SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP xxx.xxx.78.148:5060;rport;branch=z9hG4bK423208 To: "1234567890" <sip:1234567890@;user=phone>;tag=GR52RWG346-34 From: "xxxxxxxxxx@i2telecom.com" <sip:xxxxxxxxxx@i2telecom.com:40893>;tag=7757 Call-ID: 618132008-83465E0518192906301@ CSeq: 340 ACK Max-Forwards: 20 User-Agent: NCH Swift Sound Axon Virtual PBX 2.00 Route: <sip:> Authorization: Digest username="xxxxxxxxxx",realm="",nonce="F71D13EE5277BEC0304A83024AB824F0",uri="sip:",response="d8b840a3755a5f8de4e7d8b05b7bbe98",opaque="2BCC2DB101990D646A20ECB43326C8DA",algorithm=MD5 Content-Length: 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------- 06:18:12 UDP Packet Sent to >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> INVITE sip:101@;rinstance=20d8b85696b4b9ab SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport;branch=z9hG4bK433208 To: <sip:101@pbx.domain.com> From: "1234567890" <sip:1234567890@;tag=7759 <----Missing end bracket Call-ID: 1214733862-3208-pbx@xxx.xxx.78.148 CSeq: 953 INVITE Max-Forwards: 20 User-Agent: NCH Swift Sound Axon Virtual PBX 2.00 Contact: <sip:101@> Allow: INVITE, ACK, CANCEL, OPTIONS, BYE, INFO, REFER, NOTIFY Supported: replaces Content-Length: 0
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