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  1. imwlarry

    MagicJack to IVM

    Magic Jack works with Asterisk though... Im working with stabler now.. http://www.trixbox.org/forums/trixbox-foru...erisk-magicjack ran in to him on freenode. small world. We did need to know the user agent of the MJ Device. That might be the uniqueness you were referring to that won't let IVM work. I wish it could work
  2. imwlarry

    MagicJack to IVM

    Do you know any cheap ones that give me a local telephone number too? I have a toll free number I want to forward to my *new number* and then have the IVR work off that. Magic Jack was $20 for the year or whatever, I can use a hard-bullt answering machine to maybe do this but I cant even find one that has simple IVR on it. errrr... I WILL find a way, someone help, pls.
  3. imwlarry

    MagicJack to IVM

    Actually chnaging this all up, I configured IVM so it can use STUN to get passed my routers NAT issue... great. Now it seems to be a magicjack issue if I sniffed the wrong stuff out the memory dump, I don't think I did. Maybe there is some sort of encryption on the password but there wasn't any issue finding other variables when I sniffed it, everything read perfectly. I think it COULD be a formatting issue of the username maybe... EXXXxxxXXXX01 or perhaps a networking issue still. I am connecting to the right proxy and when I did the nslookup it was right in the exact location where I'm from. Am I doing something or missing something? Is there a way to trouble shoot this? Thanks, LJM 10:52:48 SIP Private IP is: My_Private_IP:5070 10:52:49 SIP Public IP is: My_Public_IP.194:5070 10:52:49 SIP Number: My_User_Name@My_Public_IP:5070 10:52:49 Attempting to register sip:My_Public_IP@proxy01.newyork.talk4free.net 10:53:32 Server proxy01.newyork.talk4free.net did not respond to register (user sip:My_Public_IP.newyork.talk4free.net) 10:53:32 Check server details for that line Anyway to get more information?
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