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Place the bubble on a higher (overlay) track than the background, precisely where and for how long you want it to appear.

Click the FX icon at the bottom-left of the clip thumbnail or EFFECTS in the menu bar and use POSITION, SCALE or MOTION to size and position it.  (This is picture-in-picture.)

If the bubble is a transparent png image it should blend in very well.


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  • Load your video to Video Track 1.
  • Open dual preview windows from Options/Display. (This is useful.)
  • Click File ............ Select options as below......


  • Select from Speech Bubbles and Download..... Bubble selected appears in Image bin . There are "Speech" bubbles and "Idea" bubbles" in the NCH library.  For this example I used a simple speech bubble


  • Drag bubble image to Video Track 2.
  • Click FX and add a Scale effect to reduce bubble to suitable size. You can monitor this in the Sequence preview side of the dual preview display
  • Click the green + and add a Position effect to place the reduced bubble in desired position.You can monitor this in the Sequence preview window.
  • Add a text clip
  • Adjust size/font/colour to suit the bubble.This text image will be placed on Video Track 3
  • Click the FX on the text image and use the Position effect to place text inside the bubble using the Sequence preview display to monitor the result.
  • Adjust Bubble and speech clips so they have the same length and are of a suitable duration. Group them if you feel it is necessary.


  • Move the two image clips along the timeline so they appear together at the required time.

Hope this helps


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