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  1. Why are the frames in the sequence preview video track so big and spread out? It is occurring on a new project. Older projects didn’t have this issue Thanks
  2. I completed a project. Now the Title page freezes, the first movie clip has audio only. Any suggestions? I really don't want to start over, it took forever to get the timing right on the mov clips and photo image clips. Thank you,
  3. Is there any update if someone was able to look at the uploaded video? When I preview it on my pc, some (not ALL) of the photo images will start out with black borders, CORRECT, to no border and just about when the transition occurs, they photo images drop back to black borders. FYI: all photo clips 6 seconds in duration. The video is complete. I am concerned on export that I will see exactly what I am seeing on my pc. Thank you.
  4. I have attempted to upload this project to the "ADMIN" mailbox for privacy. I hope it reaches someone there. Thank you.
  5. Are there recommended color combinations for title and text pages? I used a yellow background with reddish lettering. When you export, the letters appear to bounce around the screen. Or is there a way to stop this?
  6. I am trying to figure this out. So when I watch the Sequence Preview and see the "black" border around the photo images using Match Monitor OR Match Content, this is NOT what may actually export? Did I read that accurately? Secondly, if did you say that IF I need to change the AR, that must be done first in the Clip Preview area THEN place on the sequence? In the Image Clip Bin, I select the picture images that were added. When they appear in the Clip Preview window, they appear without black borders. So am I to assume when I export it will appear without black borders? I will test an export to a DVD disc.
  7. one clip downloaded from the internet requires the "Stretch" effect with a different aspect ratio than all the other PHOTO images being used. Regardless, in the Sequence preview,, of what I use for aspect ratio, the downloaded item looks like it is being "squished" inward rather than stretch. Then the photo appear in the sequence with black on both the left and right edge, BUT, almost immediately correct themselves and the black goes away. I thought if I put an effect on the downloaded item and selected Match Content, VP should work. But NOPE My opinion....it should not be this difficult. Is the Mac based program better and easier, if there is a Mac-based version? When I tried to delete all items on the sequence and start over the same thing happens. I have Match Monitor. I have no Effects on any of the photos, title page or text page, but the photos all stretch out after appearing to be fine initially. This is nuts in my opinion.
  8. gdog: I am having the same black frame issue when I make a cut on sequence. This is not easy software to work with as the marketing claims it to be.
  9. Does VP offer an easy way to place “idea bubbles” over a person’s head in a photo image or video clip? Any way to do this? Size it? Place it? Then have it show then go on precise cues? Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the offer. With your advice, I learned that if I use the effects tab in the “pesky” photos, the black border is resolving. Some use letterbox, others use crop etc...
  11. Another snag..... two photos require a different AR. I changed them on the clip preview than selected Match Content on sequence preview. that didn't save. Match Monitor doesn't work. And changing the AR on the sequence preview doesn't work.
  12. YEA FOR BORATE! FINALLY...........................4:5 works! Thanks for helping!
  13. Thanks for the suggestions however, I have not gotten any of them to work.
  14. All the above advice may sound good to a technical person. Aspect ratios and changes etc....Maybe I am not good at understanding all that. I, too, have the "black borders" on both sides when a photo image is landscape and all sides when photo image is portrait. They pushed Photopad on how to change the background under Tools, but that did not solve the entire problem. I am a simple retired guy with a new hobby. When the photo image clip shows up in the Clip Preview window with the gray/white checkerboard around it, Why can't those areas just be deleted OR have a way to make the photo fit and cover the entire black area(s)?
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