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Problem with ftp sending

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One of our client has been sending us files by ftp (using ED) for months and everything was fine, untill this week; ED keeps on returning an error saying that the transfer failed. What is peculiar is that transfering the same file to the same ftp server works if using FileZilla...


Do you have any idea of what can be the difference between FileZilla client and ED ftp client that could explain the fact that one works and not the other one?


Thank you for your help

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Hi, there could be many reasons I suppose.


Has the ftp login data been accidentally changed? Is there a new firewall on the PC that blocks ED's access to the internet? Have the ED program files damaged?


There could be a zillion reasons for this., but if the ftp-server can be accessed by another program, you can be sure the server itself is working fine.


Start by checking the ftp settings in ED! Check firewall settings. Try reinstalling ED again.

Impossible to help more without more detailed info.




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