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  1. Hello, Vdictate, thank you for your post, but how do you manage the problem on a daily basis : the manual deleting of the old files as to be done every day to make sure the bug does not reappear ? In answer to NCHDL, the 200MB limit is one of Express Dictate's option : when you choose how long do you want the software to keep sent files (you enter a number of days), you can choose the limit of free space remaining on your computer under which you want to be alerted (and the default setting is on 200MB). I think it is an important point (auto deleting of old files failing) for NCH team to work on in order to correct this bug ; would you have the kindness of keeping us informed ? Thank you very much
  2. No one from the support team to help users dealing with this serious issue ??
  3. Hello, Same problem here. We have 4 of our clients having this kind of problem ; we have asked one of them for the "date file"; he is under Windows XP, and the date file is C:\Document & Settings\UserXXX\Application Data\NCH Swift Sound\Express. What do you mean by "roaming profile" ? I am under Vista and I guess I am using the romaing profile since my date file is C:\Users\UserXXX\AppData\Roaming\NCH Swift Sound\Express, but I have never experienced this problem on my computer... For information (that may help you dealing with this problem) : - It has (for the moment) only appeared when using portable dictation devices (never had this problem when using microphones) - In fact, it seems that ED goes back in the past and replaces the new files by older ones since the file sent keeps the right file name but has the wrong file number. Eg: monday, I send the file 100_dpm0012.dct (100 being the %filenumber% and dpm0012 the %filename%). Tuesday, I have dictated a new file on my dictation device (the new file is called dpm0013), and when send by ED, it should be 101_dpm0013.dct but the file will be named 100_dpm0013.dct (right filename but wrong filenumber), and when listening, we will have the "old" n°100 file (the dpm012). - This bug happened once after a restauration, which is understandable : as the computer is supposed to "get back in the past", ED does the same, and therefore, goes back to older filenumbers, and when sending the new files, ED replaces them by the "true" files corresponding at the filenumbers it s sending... BUT the problem is that the bug does appear ALSO without any restauration... And as you wrote, when recovering old files, you may find the "good" new files, but if you try resending them, the same bug happens. You must "save as" the file outside ED, and then, load them in ED and resend it.... Hope you will find the reason and the way to correct this bug..... The version used is 4.13 (and no, we can't try using a newer version since it has been specifically developped for us, in French + specific functions)
  4. Unfortunately no.... The problem is that NCH is not part of the Philips+Grundig+Olympus alliance working on the DSS format, their way to decode the DSS is therefore not 100% sure...and the same problem will occure when our clients will start to have DS2 files (DSS Pro).... Crucial problem, no help from the support => I think we will soon stop using ED..... Good luck
  5. ema

    dSS File

    Hello, We are facing the same kind of problem with DSS files but using Express Dictate. Nevertheless, it seems that the problem is the same : Express Scribe or Express Dictate won't decode the DSS file, even if the dss decoder dll is properly installed. We have tried to get help from the support team, but did not get much... We are trying to gather users facing the same kind of problem in order to ask the NCH teams to take our problem in consideration...
  6. Hello, We are having a very specific problem with Express Dictate since a long time, and the support team did not make much to help us, so we were wondering if we were the only users facing this problem : when using ED with a portable device (like Philips DPM or Olympus...), ED has to decode the .DSS files in order to load them (after docking your device). During the first use, ED will download the dss decoder. For an unknown reason, we have problems with this dss decoding step : almost one computer out of two bugs, and refuse to load the .DSS file, telling us that the format may not be supported by Express Dictate.... The dll is properly installed, but there is nothing to do, the compuiter refuses to decode the .DSS file... We have had no answer to this problem, so we would greatly appreciate to know if somebody else has faced a similar problem and how did they solved it (if they managed to!). Thank you, Regards
  7. ema

    "dcan" files

    Hi, thank you for this explanation, but I don't get it : is the dcan file related to a sent file or to a file that has been deleted under ED before being sent? Becaus I don't see how ED could know to which recipient send the dcan file if the dictation has not been sent (several recipients), and moreover, if I try to create a dictation under ED, and delete it, I don't see any dcan file appearing on my ftp server. If you are talking about files that have been sent, then I don't see how you can delete such a file, since it is not in ED anymore... Thank you for your precisions, Regards,
  8. Hello, Let me give you a customer insight on that point... ED is supposed to work with any digital dictaphones, wether they create dss, wma, msv or any other file format. But the truth is that it only works some times.... We are a medical ranscription organization, and tried to use ED; we even paid for a special customised development of ED. If some of our clients do well under ED, some others keep on having problems when using ED with a portable device such as Philips Digital Pocket Memo, Grunding Digta or Olympus devices. To give you an example, some of our clients can not load dss files into ED for an unknown reason...Which result in simply not beeing able to install them! Which, as you may understand, is a serious problem for us. Others did well during a certain time and suddenly had problems such as older files replacing newly dictated files... And to be completely honest, NCH support team has not yet been able to find a solution to our issues... So if you are thinking of using ED as a personnal user, on a single computer, you may try it, and you will see if it works or not. If you are willing to sell and install several licences, beware, since the software doesn't seem to be really "stable". Regards,
  9. Hello, we use ED to send dictations files to our secured ftp server, and we keep on receiving dcan files (dcanXXXXXX-YY.dct) where XXX is the licence number and YY the file numbre the doctor is trying to send. Does anyone know what theses files stand for ? It seems that we receive theses files when the doctor has problems with sending its files (we are having a lot of troubles theses times with ED), but we don't know precisely what they stand for, and how we could intreprete them. If anyones has an idea.... Thank you Regards
  10. Hello, We are having the exact same problem... Please don't tell us to upgrade since our version is a specific built, so upgrading would mean paying a new development. And we have been using our specific version (based on V4.13) only since few months, so we are not ready to pay a new development each 6 months! It is simply impossible to work correctly with ED if the dictations are replaced by old ones! Please help us on that point; it is a serious problem as you can imagine; clients are really loosing patience... Thank you,
  11. We use ED with portable devices such as Philips Digital Pocket Memo, which is recognized by ED as a USB disk. We usually use the "dock" button to transfert dictations from the device to ED. But on our latest installation, ED didn't go on the Web to load the usual components. Therefore, we had to install the components ourselves. But eventhough, ED wouldn't decode the dss files while transfering, returning us an error message telling us the file format is not supported! We have checked, the components areexactly installed at the same place they are installed on the other computers where it works. Please help us, since we are loosing clients with this ED not working! Regards,
  12. Hello, I would like my web application to convert audio files. I am looking for a conversion dll that could be called by my php website. Is there a dll version of Switch ? Or do you know any ? Thank you Regards
  13. Hello, We currently sell and install ED for our clients, who use it with different kinds of devices : - Philips Speech Mike : this works fine since the Philips Speech Mike is recognized by ED ; - Grundig DigtaSonic Mike : this device is the direct competitor of Philips Speech Mike, but ED is not able to recognize it, and therefore, it is impossible to control ED by using the Grundig DigtaSonic Mike's buttons - Philips and Grundig portable devices (Digital Pocket Memo for Philips and Digta for Grundig) ; both devices are used with ED by "Docking" the recorder, and using it like any USB Device. But I know both Grundig and Philips have a SDK allowing softwares such as ED to control these devices (for example, the SDK allows any software to automatically download the dictations recorded in the device) So my suggestions would be : - Integration of the Grundig DigtaSonic Mike just like what you did with the Philips Speech Mike ; - Integration of portable devices such as the Philips DPM or the Grundig Digta recorders, in order for the users to avoid clicking on "Dock" to transfer their dictations from the recorder to ED. I hope these kind of further integration of recording devices will exist in the future since the automatic downloading (and maybe the automatic sending) ar ethe only features that differenciate ED from the Philips' or Grundig's dictation softwares. Regards,
  14. Oh, OK, that's the reason: we use .WAV files. Thank's a lot! Regards
  15. Hi, I use ED, and registered a licence ; in the User Settings, I have a 6 digit User Id, but when I create a file and send it, if I choose to rename the file using %userid%, I get a 3 digit Id, which has nothing to do with my 6 digit User Id!! Does anyone has a clue? Thank you
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