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  1. Hi, there could be many reasons I suppose. Has the ftp login data been accidentally changed? Is there a new firewall on the PC that blocks ED's access to the internet? Have the ED program files damaged? There could be a zillion reasons for this., but if the ftp-server can be accessed by another program, you can be sure the server itself is working fine. Start by checking the ftp settings in ED! Check firewall settings. Try reinstalling ED again. Impossible to help more without more detailed info. Cheers, Erasmus
  2. I came to this forum to find an answer to exactly the same question. I already found out that the files are generated each time Express Scribe checks if there are dictations present on the ftp-server. I thought it could have something to do, with keeping an eye on when dictation files were retrieved, bit I did not see any tool or option in either Express Scribe or Express Dictation that could make use of the file. Could someone please explain what the purpose of these files is? Is there a way to prevent Scribe from generating them. Thanks
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