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5.1 channel audio

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I'm new to VideoPad and would appreciate some help.  Here's the story:

My main interest for the moment is to simply edit out sections of video clips/tv,etc. I am using VideoPad Professional (though I am certainly not a professional).

I am running version 16.14.

My main problem is, I can't seem to get the software to export a file that contains the same (or any) multi-channel audio contained in the source file.

The original source I am working with are .ts files (I can also produce MP4, mov, etc. ) after editing, I can see the audio gauges indicated mutiple channels when playing back clips or sequences. Everything looks fine. But after exporting, I only get stereo in the resulting final video. Nothing I've done seems to help. I have been going through the various selections in the output selection areas and I'm still stuck!

Any help would be great. I hope I'm simply overlooking something.

Thanks, Mike

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Right-click | COPY the file in the bin, then duplicate it by right-clicking an open area of the bin and choosing COPY (Paste).

Then individual channels can be chosen for each file, by right-clicking a bin file, then SELECT AUDIO STREAM.

After that, the bins clip can be stacked on the timeline and duplicate video tracks disabled.  image.png

This will allow mixing of the individual tracks into a stereo export.

AFAIK it is not possible to export individual channels, despite choosing the option in the export box.

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Thanks very much for your quick response!

Too be clear, I wish to edit video with 5.1 audio, and wish to retain that structure.

When I try the cut and paste as described, the selection for choosing the audio stream is greyed out and is not available. I have not been able to see that selection available yet in any way so far.

BTW, I have no interest (at least for now!) of reducing the audio channel count or mixing audio channels down.

Another question while we are connected: does mp4 video export support 5.1 audio?

I see I can import .ts files into VideoPad, but .ts is not an option for export. What do you feel is the best format to export files that will give you the best video quality, and multi-channel audio as well?

Thanks again !😀

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Thanks again!

Most of my files are large, so I will need to figure a way to extract a short sample to send, but I will do that and send it.

I do have version 16.14 so it looks like my timing is good to start using VideoPad. About the export box, I have selected "Same as input" which I thought would work, and I tried to select 5.1 audio, but no luck...

Assuming this problem can be straightened out, can mp4  be used and supports multi-channel audio? MP4 seems to be the most popular format although I will not be publishing anything on the net.


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Here's the official word...

Maybe there is a confusion between audio streams and channels? A video file can contain multiple audio streams, e.g. for different languages. Each audio stream can be in different number of channels, e.g. stereo(left/right), surround sound etc..

VideoPad supports surround sound up to 5.1 channels but can only export to one audio stream.

Hope that clears it up.

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Hi Mike,

The number audio channels can only be changed during export using the dialog below:

On 5/5/2024 at 11:21 AM, borate said:

Select Audio Stream was available in version 16.14 (and earlier) for a test file with two channels.

The 5.1 option is a choice in the drop-down export box...  image.png

It has been clarified that this feature applies to surround sound.

You can apply surround sound effect to configure the 2D layout of the sound source.

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Thanks for the info.

That is where the problem started, I am working with .TS files that are indeed 5.1 channel audio. I don't want to create a surround effect created from a stereo source, that's very easy to do with the AVR, etc. And there's nothing like a real 5.1 when it's well mixed!

When I go to the drop-down box as above, there are no choices but stereo for an output. Yet I'm certain the source is 5.1. I verify this not only with MediaInfo, but I will play the file through my AVR which will indicate the nature of input and output channels.  So I was going with the "same as Input" choice at first., but still got stereo. So I'm still scratching my head with this and a few other issues.

I will assume at this point that it's pilot error and keep plugging away until I figure it out or discover a bug (probably not likely it's a bug)!

I was a Nero Video user for years and I think VideoPad is certainly a step way up in capabilities. But me being somewhat slow on the uptake may be the issue.

Thanks for checking in, and for your help.


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Does MP4 support 5.1 audio?
According to Hardbrake.fr, it stores audio in the AAC format. It is also possible to pass through Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound (AC3) audio from a DVD in an MP4 file, although it is a new standard and not widely supported.

Please upload that small sample of a .TS file that's 5.1, so it can be analyzed.  Google Drive provides 15GB of free storage (for all its services).  MS OneDrive offers 5GB.

Upload the file/s to a free server, such as Google Drive or MS OneDrive, right-click the link and Share.  Copy the result and paste it here or to me in a Private Message via the mail envelope in the top-right corner of this forum.  When using Google Drive, if necessary change "restricted" to "anyone with link can view.

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