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Video downloading software problem


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OK, so there's a problem. I download videos from a video downloading software, and when I import it, it's fine. but when I close and reopen it, and download from that software, it says "failed to load file". I use a different video downloading software, it's fine. I close and reopen it, use the software again, "failed to load file". cycle repeats until there is no more available downloading software left. Every time I uninstall, then reinstall it, it resets. No matter which version I use, the error's still there. I even tried resetting my computer, and it didn't work. I think there's a problem that's causing this. Do you know how to get rid of it?

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  • borate changed the title to Video downloading software problem

When you say "software' are you referring to files downloaded from the Net, which then won't open in Videopad?

Do they open in Windows Media Player or other viewer?

Upload one of these files to a free server, such as MS OneDrive or Google Drive, get a shared public (anyone can view) link and paste that here.

Someone will check it out.

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"Failed to load" has VP09 encoding and fails in VP.  In another editor it's audio only.

The other file loads in both editors.

Suggest that you grab the file with a downloader that supports AVC encoding.


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