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SPA3000 / SPA3102 GUIDE


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Has anyone gotten the CID to work from the FXO?


all i get from the pstn is FXO1 call. if i login into the spa 3102 you can see the last caller info but it does not pass that info to axon that should pass that info the the ext dialed?


logs from axon and ivm only shows (call FXO1)


yes - see post above



the '300' is whatever your ring group is -- usually 701 on Axon -- just that I use '300'

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didnt have the issue with the not answering for the error you had but i created the 198 external line to ring on group 198 and it worked dont know why but it did. I hopes its not a bug and the next version its fixed and it breaks the current setup. well see in the next test inviroment. :rolleyes:

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Well I have no idea how to set-up the SPA adapter with Asterisk, I believe it is quite different to Axon (what this set-up guide is for). You can try the Voxilla forums, they have quite a few sample config guides for Asterisk and the SPA3102.


P.S. I should point out that when you use this Guide with Axon, you get pretty much the same error you got with Asterisk.. the only difference is with Axon it still works even with the error.. so I don't know, is it not working at all with your Asterisk box? If there is a way to accept incoming calls without registering, perhaps try that?

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