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  1. SURE if they were free. I cant see paying for a update that fixes a long time problem with the software. Thanks,
  2. This will not work as SKYPE and the uplink will not carry throgh the dtmf tones. You can have it go to a system recording then directly to a ext number or voice mail.
  3. you get charged to forward your pstn line to another number? I had some people say it could be done but I never figured out a way as you can only have one active call on a PSTN line, this is different then a PRI line that has multi trunks on one line (but for this you would need a card that could decode the PRI singling (not very cost effective)). What I've setup was with a VOIP provider (like Callcentric) that supports 3 to 4 trunks on one line (meaning that you can receive three or four calls and pick each one as a seprate line) and then i just forward my PSTN line to my voip provider then i dont miss any calls and the customer never knows that the line was forwarded. If the line were to go down then i just turn off call forwarding. I also us the PSTN as one of the outbound lines.
  4. OK one will work and one will not. Calling out from express talk.... You will need to configure speed dial numbers in skype for each id (name) you want to dial. Now when you dial the Skype line (6 is the default) then the speed dial number you setup and thats it. Dial in: This is an issue as so far as i know skype and the uplink does not transfer the dmft tones from skype to the uplink. You can how ever have that line go directly to a operator and then transfer a call intenally or to a voive mail box. Hope this helps
  5. even if you stop norton it doen not stop everthing. firewall ports and some access is still firewalled. Did you try stopping all services? right click my computer icon on your desktop and click manage then click services and applications the services (the services would be under norton and symantec) You may need to uninstall norton or at least change all the setting to allow all traffic then start back securing your system. I have this running and know it was a pain in the but before getting a HARDWARE FIREWALL but i still have this installed as well.
  6. Yes the upgrade gave me the 6 lines insted of 2, other features like blind trasnfer work great but only work on the full version. send me a PM and so we can see what problems you are having.
  7. i hate to bash expres talk but its a memory hog, every machine i put it on slowed my machines. x-light more stream lined as far as running and memory goes. I now use the full version of x-lite.
  8. What happens if you delete ext 101? then if no errors from dialing from and to ext 102. create ext 101 again to see what happens.
  9. i would assume you have skype and uplink installed and working? If so you would need to create a quick dial for the person Bill you are calling. open skype and right click the person in your list and create the quick dial number. now just dial the line setup for skype in axon and the quick dial number. uplink-skype default would be 6 and the number (6plus the number)
  10. Have you timed it to see if it happens at the same point each time? I know i had to set my IVM under the sound settings and recording to a -30Db and then it stopped. if it does it when recording what to you have the recording time set for?
  11. d1rage5

    IVM doesn't answer

    What does the axon front pannel show if you restart the service? Are you using axon pbx?
  12. well i do think it is axon, i have paid for support and am still waiting from NCH... Callcentric help desk found issues with axon in it does not send re-invites to them only internally between ivm and axon, and also callcentric is only seeing oneway voive even if the call is file and will drop at the 5 minute mark. NCH knows about the dial ditacte and have a solution for that but we dont use or have it.
  13. info from callcentric on issue. Thank you for performing the Xlite test for us. As you have confirmed that you do not seem to experience similar issues with Xlite, it seems that this issue is related to the PBX software itself, more specifically, it seems that the Axon and IVM Autoattendant software doesn’t send out RTP Keep Alive packets to our servers to prevent our servers from dropping the calls due to one way audio (we have tested the Axon software as well as the IVM software in our labs)- as we have mentioned previously we have also had experience similar issues that you are experiencing. Due to the limitation of the software itself as well as what is configurable, there is not much to suggest except that we recommend that you contact NCH support with regards to the issue at hand as it seems to be an issue with the software.
  14. d1rage5


    I think callcentric fixed that issue at some point, i have been using them for 4 or 5 months and have always been able to transfer calls ext (land or cell) but it seems there are other new issues at hand with them.... In the OGM key response, sounds like you are using standard setting 0 to 9 options (menu single key)? if so option 1 set to transfer to (your ext entered to dial) whats the option set to under that blind? If set to blind go to ivm settings and then Call Trasfer (the first section use hardware blind transfer and remove any items in the two fields). if using data entry what set for the variable name (transferext)
  15. Have you tried using a pop account? if you can provide a remote session i would be glide to take a look sometimes two eyes are better then one. Send me a PM
  16. Yep already tryied all the standard options, i have the voip provider looking into it. its callcentric, so anyone else who uses them. Are you haveing this issue? if so PM me that would help pin things down.
  17. using axon 200, ivm 4.11 All calls drop after 5 minutes of talking, every call. We have a test system and it does the same thing, different type server and at a different location (test lab) but it has axon 1.31 and ivm 405. Any clue?
  18. I see a trend: Is there a place to put a call limit? all calls drop at 5 minutes.
  19. Is this being looked at by NCH? a customer calls in axon gets the call transfers the call to IVM, IVM OGM picks up and plays greating - customer enters extension number and then its dead air until either the call is picked up or goes to voicemail. in IVM you see ---- command - transfer voip blind transfer to: (extension number dialed) play system prompt: Ringing transfer sip call to: (extension dialed) call has disconnected. So i would assume it would be something with transfering the call back throu axon to the extension and the (play system prompt: Ringing) gets lost.
  20. OK found the error. It was on the company directory OGM. its key responce was set to default name and not transferext. so IVM would basiclly drop them in to space and hangup... it workie workie now.....
  21. We get a lot of calls come in and in axon it says... Unable to find any extensions or groups with the name "". we have the system setup were if they press any extension number that does not exist then it will tell them that is not a valid extension. So what is this error? is it an error with the transfering from IVM?
  22. I would try installing this on an XP machine with a sound card, but disable the sound card and see if the same issues happens, if so then enable the sound card and see if it works. then we will know if it have to have a inital sound card to run correctly. no reason to buy a sound card if its not needed. I personally have the whole setup running on a win 2k3 ent server with a sound card. (axon, ivm, MOH, uplink and skype).
  23. Are you speaking about dialing from a SIP phone. The only way i know to have a sip phone dial skype through the uplink is to set speed dial numbers in skype. do you have the SIP phone setup to use skype?
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