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  1. from version 1.20 onwards, axon had support for Message Waiting subscribe code - any idea how to get this to work? I am using axon v2.00, grandstream gxp 2000s, IVM v4.01 v1.20 Added Force Relay option Added Relay Not Required option Added the ability to save the settings Added emergency dial mapping Added reverse dial digits Added a 2 minute (ringing) 2 hour (hold) time out Added auto delete logs Added Message Waiting subscribe code Allow multiple redundant VRS servers Automatically download and install VRS if set to use but cannot find Default "Link to IMS On-Hol
  2. Yes the first one is total duration and the second one is duration connected I have written a call log using php & mysql - send me a personal message if you want more details
  3. I have just found new software that enables SIP and other things (skype,msn,yahoo,googletalk etc) on the Nokia e-series and other mobile. My previous instructions above enabled connection Axon from a local wireless LAN - I could never get it to work from remote wireless networks This new software enables connect from any wireless LAN, also mobile GPRS, 3G networks -- so now I can connect where I am - and receive or make calls via the Axon! software is fring
  4. bellalamb

    Axon PBX Plus

    It seems like the standard version only allows up to 10 extension - and you have to pay for the Plus version if you want to use more - round about $100US not sure of any other features - I have have it downloaded - (you have to remove the https from the download link and use http instead) If I find any new features will let you know
  5. bellalamb

    Axon PBX Plus

    What is the difference between Axon V2.00 and Axon Plus v2.00?
  6. Hi I have finally got my E61 working and more than a year of trying! Delete your exisiting sip profile ( I say delete becasue proxy should be blank, and you cannot empty it once there is something entered) create a new one for example - extention 307 with axon server @ with an access point set called "Home" Profile Name : 307 Service Profile : IETF Default Acces Point : Home Public User Name : sip:307@ Use Compression : No Registration : Always On Use Security : No Proxy Server : DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING HERE Registrar
  7. What are the changes in v1.30 ?
  8. Should be quite simple You have to decide on numbering plan first - then set up external line and internal extentions on each system and then the dialling plan send me a PM with how you want it configured and I will get back to you. Paul Island Computers Alderney
  9. bellalamb

    uplink skype

    You have to set a skype speed dial number for each name
  10. I find Axon to be very good I am using 1 PSTN line - mainly for incoming calls (out going far cheaper on VOIP!) - on a Sipura 3102 - also where I live (Alderney, Channel Islands) number porting is not allowed - so needed to keep main company number 6 VOIP external lines - various companies - depending on which gives best call rates - I use voipfone as my main outgoing lines, but also have sipgate (best for UK mobiles), aql, entacall, freshtel, and also Skype uplink Extentions Internal - 3 using Grandstream 2000 3 using Grandstream BudgeTone 200 1 usin
  11. Hi Dan I don't think the music on hold is configurable. I use Grandstream 2000s and music on hold works, but I don't know of a way to change it!
  12. yes - see post above the '300' is whatever your ring group is -- usually 701 on Axon -- just that I use '300'
  13. Just install SPA3102 All worked fine, except for Caller ID - I was just getting FXO1 as the caller ID Tried to enable PSTN CID for VOIP (step 22) and was getting the error on Axon - cannot find line with ID '300' or extension with ID 'xxxxxxxx' -- 300 is my incoming group - xxxxxxx was the calling number I solved it by adding another external line called 300, ringing on 300 - with username and password of 300 and "Other device will contact us (eg. FXO, UpLink, etc...)" selected now I get full Caller ID - on talk express and Grandstream 2000 I get FXO1
  14. as far as I know, the default sound should be Uplink what is not working?
  15. I am having same problem with my E61 - works fine on home network - when over the net5 phone shows registration fails - even though Axon sip trace and extension list show it as registered - this worked before upgrade firmware to v3 any ideas anybody?
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