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13.10 and 13.11 overly amplified in auto normalization

Lancelot Chan

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Same in 13.09, when reloading a saved project.

But, if the exported result is loaded the audio bumps up.  That's probably not right, as it's already been normalized.  Seen in earlier versions as well.

Unchecking the "auto normalize" box in OPTIONS | MEDIA should overcome it.  Reported.

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Can't spot the problem here.  With "automatically normalize..." enabled for the initial save, each subsequent load of the project doesn't change the audio levels.

However, if an exported project is reloaded, then audio will bump up if "auto" isn't disabled.  May require cache to be cleared as well.

Reloading of an exported file isn't often needed.  Still, audio that's once been normalized probably shouldn't be normalized again.



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13.14 no longer repetitively normalize a file. However, there are 2 problems. 1, it still over normalize and make clipping sounds. I include the captured file of 13.09 vs 13.14 here. You can see the 13.14 one shows clipping. 


Another problem is when you zoom in the 13.14, after certain level of zooming the audio files will display as flat lines! 

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Version 12.14.

First load (cache empty)...  image.png  

2nd load...                            image.png

3rd load (after clearing project but not cache)...


13.09....                                image.png

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My (and other more sensitive) ears tell me that the audio levels on your project are the same in 13.20 and 13.09.  No clipping heard.

But the waveform and meters are different.   That could change in the future.  13.09 on top, 13.20 on the bottom.

When these files are opened in Wavepad, the waveforms are the same.

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