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How to put a Title screen in my video and add subtitles


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Try the wizard.  From the HOME toolbar it's labeled either Video Maker or Templates.

When you have gone through the steps of creating the title there will be EXPORT and a CREATE buttons.

EXPORT will create a clip that can be added to the project later.  CREATE places the title at the head of the project, on the timeline.

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What you're likely doing is using text overlays, above the video track - not subtitles (captions).  Create one.

Then in the bin (top-left), right-click it and COPY.  Now right-click in an open area of the bin PASTE (Insert), as many times as needed.  Shortcut is <ctrl-V>.

To open the text editor, click one of the copies.  Select and change the text.  Overlay the clip on the timeline.  The other copies in the bin aren't affected.

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When I click on the subtitles area in the home tab.

I get the subtitles page, where I can add what text I want and -place the subtitle anywhere along the timeline of the clip.

when finished I click apply and the subtitle page disappears.

There is no icon in the "bin"

the only things there are the clip and the main title screen.

There is no way that i can copy the subtitle....

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Depending upon your needs, text may be a better choice, as described earlier.  But as you are using subtitles, there won't be any bin icons.

1.  Type the subtitle

2.  Click ADD (upper left)

3.  Position the red cursor if you don't want the next tile to immediate follow the first

4.  Type

5.  Add - and so on

  The default duration can be set in OPTIONS | EDITING tab.  Or drag the red and blue brackets on the timeline to change duration and positioning.

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