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No Default Profile_ Speech to Text


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Hi People, I am very new to Express Scribe and am a bit lost, unfortunately, when trying to use Speech to Text.

I am currently stuck because I cannot select a Default Profile as the profile dropdown box is empty.

The Tech Support section (How do I set up and use Speech to Text) advises the following to overcome an empty default profile box: (https://www.nch.com.au/scribe/kb/657.html)

4. Select a Default profile:

  • If the profile dropdown list is empty, go to the Control Panel
  • Select Ease of Access
  • Select Speech Recognition
  • Select Advanced speech options
  • Click the Train Profile button and follow the steps
  • When you return to Express Scribe, the default profile will be in the dropdown list

 But I am not sure where to find the Control Panel......and any 'control' button I do click on I can't see 'Ease of Access"

Can you help me please locate the Control Panel and hence help me find Ease of Access/Speech Recognition/etc/etc.   to go through the training steps to get a profile established 

Thanks in advance

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After playing around I managed to get my profile established . But then when I went back into Express Scribe and tried to load a new audio file to try out Text to Speech I was told my trial period of Express Scribe Pro had expired and that I now had to purchase the software to continue. I have no idea of what I have done as I thought I had downloaded the free version. Any thoughts or suggestions please

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