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  1. After playing around I managed to get my profile established . But then when I went back into Express Scribe and tried to load a new audio file to try out Text to Speech I was told my trial period of Express Scribe Pro had expired and that I now had to purchase the software to continue. I have no idea of what I have done as I thought I had downloaded the free version. Any thoughts or suggestions please
  2. Hi People, I am very new to Express Scribe and am a bit lost, unfortunately, when trying to use Speech to Text. I am currently stuck because I cannot select a Default Profile as the profile dropdown box is empty. The Tech Support section (How do I set up and use Speech to Text) advises the following to overcome an empty default profile box: (https://www.nch.com.au/scribe/kb/657.html) 4. Select a Default profile: If the profile dropdown list is empty, go to the Control Panel Select Ease of Access Select Speech Recognition Select Advanced speech options Click the Train Profile button and follow the steps When you return to Express Scribe, the default profile will be in the dropdown list But I am not sure where to find the Control Panel......and any 'control' button I do click on I can't see 'Ease of Access" Can you help me please locate the Control Panel and hence help me find Ease of Access/Speech Recognition/etc/etc. to go through the training steps to get a profile established Thanks in advance
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