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ideas for voiceover mixing two tracks


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In this case, could be better to use the MixPad software. This software would allow you to have multiple tracks so you can have the two audios and add a third track for another recording. 

The WavePad software allows you to edit the audio file but doesn't have the option to load multiple tracks at the same time. You can get the MixPad trial version from here, and verify the software for your needs: https://www.nch.com.au/mixpad/index.html

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I finally  registered with this very useful program . it really  replaces all programs i use so far, wwhich (they) act directly into the mp3 chunks and normalize split and join files (ie no conversion)

I run  a recurring project in voluntary amauteur level with joining or mixing songs and looking for a fast and simple way to do work in the simplest and fastest way Her is the idea in mixpad which is now requiring registration. 



I dont intend to get more in using Mixpad.  Please let me know on how can i do that job with automation in wavepad!


Thank you in advance!


Thanks in advance

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