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text overlay problems


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Here's another problem.

I have created my slide show and have added text to my slides using the text overlay button. It works fine! (I am using ver.:9.84)

My wife (on a new laptop using the same version & licensed) has a problem with the text button.

Instead of showing the image & being able to type on it she gets the checkerboard image. The type does show up but she wants to be able to SEE the image while typing.

The settings are the same in both of the text overlay boxes so I do not know whyere the errant setting is located.



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I did use the command: "file>backup file to folder" and took it to my computer's version of PhotoStage and it worked well.

So the problem lies in the version on my wife's laptop. I just do not see where the preferences tab is located (if there is one)

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