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new to drawpad/ how to layer/blend different pics to make one final picture


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hello people ,

   So im new to drawpad, and honestly , any of the digital art medias .... but ive been doing art for a lot of years and wanted to expand my experience. Anyway i have photoshop, gimp, drawpad and a few others and thought this one was the easiest to learn.  Ive done some research on what i want to do with these programs but still cant figure out how to do it  So what i want to do is mesh 3 to 5 different things( eg. a rose a clock and an eye)  how do i get rid of the backgrounds of ea original pic leaving only the target.  then to i guess layer each target pic to make one final pic.   idk if im relaying it right but if someone knows what im saying can u please help

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In this case, what you need to do es make a selection, use the Magic Wand set the Tolerance and make the selection, then select Delete. This would remove the background and give you a transparent background color. 
You need to do this with all the images. Each image needs to be on an individual layer. 

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