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How to match original recording


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I am looking for guidance on how to match the original voice when inserting new voice in a recording.

i.e., I created a recording and had to insert a small recording in the original file. The new recording doesn't sound like the original and I am trying to clean it up. I tried a bunch of features but none gets the recording to match the original. Is there a way to accomplish this?

tks for the response.

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The program does not offer any option to match recordings as you have described. Depending on how the recordings were made (hardware, environment, etc), you will have to apply different effects to get a similar result, but that will vary from one recording to another, so it would be very hard to tell which effect apply to get the expected results.

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That's what I figured. I did record the audio in another program and just purchased NCH software which is great compared to what I had. So, if I record in NCH and add audio later will that match?

thanks for the quick response. It is appreciated.

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