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  1. Why am I receiving this message for this site? I am using Chrome on a Windows 10 operating system? Do I have to be concerned?
  2. I am a novice user of Videopad and Wavepad. I originally downloaded Videopad and created my first video by recording from my PC. For starters I haven't bought a videocam or microphone yet because I am learning first before I start. I love the products. Here is my question: If I only use videopad the sound is low once the video is created using the PC camera and microphone. After experimenting a bit I purchased the Wavepad and played around and modified the increased the sound level through the Wavepad application. I then used the saved sound file and used it with Videopad. In videopad the sound was still low but if I go back to Wavepad the sound is ok. What is the trick I am missing. Thanks for any help.
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