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I post this in the hope that someone at NCH might read it.  One of the things I notice about all the NCH products, is that there is no facility for users to make suggestions about product improvements.

Having changed my computer, I have been evaluating PhotoStage as a replacement for Photodex ProShow Gold which I have used for many years, but which I cannot reactivate as Photodex have closed their servers.   That software was undoubtably the best available, but the only direct equivalent, developed by the same people, is now subscription only, which I do not want.  This leads me to PhotoStage.

I have found PhotoStage better than I expected, but with a few things that I think could be improved.  My first impression is that the workspace is functional, but rather gloomy, with everything in shades of dark grey, although this is just personal preference and has no effect on the performance. 

More significant is lack of means to vary the workspace proportions to suit particular tasks.  While the lower slidebar area can be adjusted vertically to vary the proportions of upper and lower workspace areas, there is no provision for horizontal movement of the vertical bar, situated between the slides display area on the left and the main preview screen on the right. The result is that very few slides can be kept actually in view on the left, meaning constant scrolling, while there is a huge amount of wasted screen space on the right side, either side of the preview area, even in widescreen mode.

I note that useful suggestions have been made by others on this forum, like making it possible for a gif to loop for the duration set for that particular slide. This seems a rather basic feature for any slideshow software.  I hope the developers might consider these comments, because overall PhotoStage is a good product, which could be excellent.

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