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Counter time and voices not syncing

Paul Durrant

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User back in today, so looked at the screen and options and could not see any extra options to fix this.   Do you have more details on the steps we should try?

The speed option in the main screen's lower right corner is what they have been using - goes to 80% OK but it does not sync with the video timer display.

I'm afraid I cannot attach a screen shot of the options > playback tab.

The only speed options were default slow / fast playback speed (changing these did not help)

Details of Express Scribe Options > Playback tab
Sound device:    Default Playback Device
Volume level:    slider value
Volume auto-adjust (range compression)    Weak
Clarity low frequency cutoff method:    None
Default slow playback speed (%):    50
Default fast playback speed (%):    150
Auto backstep on stop (ms):    1000
Rewind and fast forward
Mode:    Constant speed
Rewind: Step (ms) 500    Speed (%) 150    to (%) 800
Forward:  500  150 800
When a dictation finishes playing : Play a sound (not ticked)


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The best would be to escalate this to Technical support, you can send them the screenshots. Try to recreate the issue using Steps Recorder, it's a built-in program that will save your steps and create screenshot along the way or try to record it in a video. You can get more info on Steps Recorder and how to use it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/record-steps-to-reproduce-a-problem-46582a9b-620f-2e36-00c9-04e25d784e47

Email contact: support8@nchsoftware.com

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